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On Demand Community Transport Software

The most user friendly experience that keeps everyone happy.
Stay organised, increase capacity and stay on top of your transport services.

Integrated Transport Software

The most user friendly experience that keeps everyone happy.
Stay organised, increase capacity and stay on top of your transport services.

Car Schemes

Road XS handles any car scheme and multi-passenger service, facilitating a streamlined door to door service.

Busses & Accessible Vehicles

Road XS handles fleet management, vehicle bookings, maintenance, invoicing and record keeping with ease.

Dial a Ride

Manage any dial-a-ride service, the only available software to fully optimise the journey and passenger pick-up times.

Provide a Personalised, Friendly Service

Road XS allows you to get to know your passengers and drivers. You can personalise and tailor your transport services to your passenger and client’s custom requirements. You can also retrieve their vital information with a quick search and maintain their records to ensure you meet the on-going GDPR compliance requirements.

Automate Routine Tasks Increasing Service Efficiency

Road XS saves you time by automating mundane tasks which you would normally carry out manually, leaving you time to focus on more important tasks. Road XS also enforces standards by ensuring admin users follow pre-defined workflows, removing the risk of data entry errors.

Key Features of Road XS

Just some of the great features included within Road XS

Smart Route Visibility

Track every journey with ease, complete with real-time visual mapping. Each route is optimised saving mileage and fuel as well as reducing cost to the passenger.

Instant Route Planning

Watch your journeys come to life with the instant route planner. Adding and removing passengers along with waypoints has never been easier.

Invoicing & Payments

Automate your invoicing, track and take payments either online or via cash and cheque. Road XS can be customised to your invoicing needs.

Driver & Passenger Profiles

Maintain accurate and up to date records of your passengers and drivers. This is a vital requirement of the GDPR, we make it easy to maintain compliance.

Driver Suggestions

Save your passengers money by selecting the closest available driver to a car journey. Road XS presents a list of drivers who are able to take the journey.

Driver's Portal

Road XS comes pre-installed with a driver’s portal which enables your driver’s to opt-in on journeys, manage their information and payments.

Real-Time Reports

Save time with the in-built reporting. With over 20 reports included, you will gain valuable insight into your transport services.

Scale Up Your Services

Road XS allows you to setup service areas and control information sharing. This enables you to scale up and manage your services from a central location.


Access Controls

Setup admin roles, information access rights and enable and disable features. Road XS caters for various computer skill levels and competencies.

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