In the old days, community transport providers took phone calls, made a note relating to the transport journey required and placed this paper into the in tray for next week’s journeys.  Perhaps then a few phone calls were made to see what drivers might be available to take the trip.  Typically, this would likely be a well-known driver who was reliable, friendly but not necessarily too close to the passenger’s pickup point or destination.

“Work without ambiguity”

Move forward today, and in the advent of cloud technology, Road XS has been built to enable community transport providers to work without ambiguity.  The software knows your available and trustworthy drivers and it knows which ones are closest to your passengers to ensure they are not over charged.  It also provides you a history of which closest drivers have been contacted so that you don’t need to keep pestering them.  Not only that, you can plan real-time routes and receive up-to-date reports based upon the operations of your volunteers and the community you serve.

I wanted to share with you some ideas and action plans for transport providers to consider as they look to make their operations more streamlined, accurate and diverse.  With Road XS, we’re already doing many of these things or have plans to do so in the near future so that community transport providers receive only the very best from us.

Focus on Accurate Data.

It’s difficult to operate an efficient and sustainable service if the information you are capturing is inaccurate, can’t be found easily or is just simply useless.  We’ve developed Road XS to capture the key aspects of what you require to operate your services so you don’t miss that vital piece of information out.  You can then use the data captured to analyse your services via informative dashboards, real-time reports and spot patterns of behaviour in relation to your passengers and drivers.  You can also use this to pinpoint any issues with your transport services.

Set Goals.

You can use Road XS to set goals.  This might be to handle x amount of calls each day or to allocate x number of drivers each day for journeys entered.  This helps keep your transport team on track and ensure that their experience is enjoyable and gives a sense of purpose.  Your volunteers also get a sense of value from the good work they are doing for their community and of course, Road XS shows just what they have been up to as well!  With Road XS you naturally create a cohesive team even if they work remotely as you are all working towards the same goal of delivering the best service you possibly can.

Capture Time and Payment Estimates.

With Road XS you can keep your passengers fully informed about how much their journeys are going to cost them. No longer does it need to be a ‘guestimate’ but a genuine real-time idea of how long and how much your journey will take.  This helps provide a transparent communication between you and your passengers so that no one is left in the lurch.

Get the Drivers Involved from the Start.

Road XS comes pre-installed with a drivers portal.  You can choose whether to use this portal or not, but if you do, it allows drivers to login from anywhere and access their upcoming drives and allocate themselves to drivers closest to them.  This means that you are saving time for your admin staff in terms of allocating a driver on the list.  The drivers can also maintain their vehicle information and availability so that you don’t have to chase them.

Help Expand the Capabilities of Road XS.

Road XS is built for community transport providers just like you.  It means if you have an idea of how Road XS could work better we’d love to hear from you.  Our mission is to have the best community transport software available to everyone, no matter how large or small your operation.  This means everyone wins, and this means so do the people your services support.

Join the Community.

We believe that in order to create the best community transport software which can be used by everyone to offer the most efficient, accurate and streamlined service that we all need to have an open dialogue about the topic. That’s why at Road XS we developed the online community area where you can all end in your feature requests and vote on requests sent in by others.  We’d love to hear from you.

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