Our Story

We provide transport operators like you cutting edge tecnology to streamline your operations and provide the most personalised and friendly service possible for your passengers and patients.

Why We Do What We Do

Most community transport services are supported by Government funding, donations and in most cases are fully reliant upon volunteers. Without them, people all over the world during some of their darkest moments would miss medical appointments, lose touch with friends and family, become isolated and experience a poorer quality of life.

After receiving a phone call that no one ever wants to receive, we developed Road XS to help as many people as we can.  Learning first hand how valuable these services are to people and family members we realised we had to do something to say thank you and to help others along the way too…

Available Around the World

Road XS is available to transport providers around the world. We are cloud based built with the latest technology.


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Status & up time

Take a look at our up-time and status of the Road XS service.

Our values

We seek feedback

We are always looking for feedback from our users to see how we can always improve our product.

We always get better

We are passionate about our software and are always working hard to keep improving our product.

We listen

We always listen to our end users requirements to ensure that we are providing a product that helps you.

We communicate clearly

We always keep our users up to date with the latest changes on our software including a full changelog.

We work with you

From day one we have worked with transport providers to learn how we can evolve and improve your life.

Packed full of innovative features and technology for the road ahead

Case Study

Red Cross

The Red Cross needed a transport platform that would enable them to grow at scale to kickstart their community transport services. Road XS provides them an integrated transport software meaning they can focus on growing their transport services.