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Steam Railway to the Rescue

There was a lovely story in the news recently about a Welsh steam railway offering free journeys to bus passengers stranded by the closure of main road in and out of their village. Buses on the 12 miles (19km) between Abergynolwyn and...

The Value of Public Transport Software

Public transport software is a vital ingredient of managing transport services across the UK.  This type of software can help reduce costs, increase service efficiency, provide real-time transport updates and and provide deep insights...

What is Community Transport?

What is community transport? Is something that many people ask us. This is very often because people have never heard about it untless a member of family has been unable to travel or indeed themselves is in need of such a service. We...

What is a Run Sheet?

This is something we often get asked at Road XS and English language semantics aside, the run sheet is actually an important part of the community transport world.  At it's core, a run sheet is a set of instructions of who you are picking...

Dial a Ride Done Right

Just in case you are not sure what dial a ride is, it is generally a door-to-door transport service for people with a permanent or long term disability or health problem who are unable, or virtually unable to use public transport.  It is...

What is Demand Responsive Transport?

Demand responsive transport or DRT, is the emerging technology in community transport services.  This level of transport service provision enables optimising your existing resources, such as your drivers and vehicles to ensure your...

Podcast: What’s The Future for Community Transport?

Find out what the future of community transport might look like as we explore bots, automated vehicles and whether or not technology is actully reducing our intelligence.  If you have any feedback or ideas or indeed would like to apper on...

How to Use Road XS for a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a great time to get involved in some festive good will, fun and relaxation (eventually).  However, community transport providers often find themselves busier than ever as they meet an increasing demand for...

3 Autumn Treats

Now that the clocks have gone back and darkness sets in far too quickly, we thought we’d try and cheer you up (and your office) with some favourite Autumn treats!  They’re a little naughty, but very tasty! WARNING: If you’re...

10% Off Tyres for Volunteer Drivers

Road XS Community Offer Land Tyre Service have joined the Road XS Community and kindly offered: 10% OFF ANY BRAND OF TYRE FOR VOLUNTEER DRIVERS How To Get The Offer Volunteer drivers in the local area should visit Southam (in...

The Increasing Cost of Transport in the UK

Transport costs have been quietly on the rise, from fuel prices, train and bus fares to Government spending cuts - these costs are now starting to take their toll. In May, petrol prices rose 6p a litre. This was...

Plan for Sustainability

Just image this... You woke up tomorrow to find all your funding has been cut immediately.  Do you know what you would do?  Would this be the end for you or would you think around the problem and come out the other...


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