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Is Road XS Better than Uber?

In a word, yes!  But that’s because we’re different.  If you don’t know what Uber is or have never heard of them, Uber is a ride hailing service like Lyft and both Uber and Lyft floated on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) earlier this...

Our Mission at Road XS

For centuries the human race has always been moving forwards, pushing the boundaries just to survive.  It's time we worked together to solve some of societies greatest problems.  Discover the drive behind Road XS. Watch our video below:...

Why Use Transport Software Online?

Transport software online comes mostly in two forms, hybrid (partially online) and cloud (fully online).  There are distinct differences between the two and really in our view, transport software online must be fully cloud, therefore...

Lift Share Demystified

Unless your commute to work involves some breathtaking scenery, chances are your daily trip to work is not much fun!  You could of course lift share but most of us most likely nestle in and pop on our favourite radio show, playlist on...

How Community Transport Software Drives You Forwards

In the early days of operating a transport scheme you likely wouldn't think to look for community transport software as you'll be so busy taking phone calls, making notes relating to the passenger journey details required and...

Passenger Software Is Your Key to Success

When you think about it, what do your transport services really do?  Who do they really serve?  It’s your passengers.  The passenger doesn’t care that a driver is ill, they don’t care that you’re a voluntary service.  Really, they just...

Streamlined Transport Software Support

There have been several updates at Road XS recently and one of the things which is often overlooked is support.  Well the good news is we have re-launched our support portal and it now makes it easier than ever for...

Benefits of Analysing Your Data

Recently there has been a lot of bad press relating to how companies collect and use the data of their customers.  It needs to be stressed that this isn’t the norm.  The examples in the press highlight ways in which data is being used immorally for competitive gain...

Benefits of Software

Organisational Benefits of Using Software Organisations change over time, sometimes dramatically, and so do their software needs. If your current software is out-of-date or holding your business back, taking a look at what else is out...

How Road XS Defeats Using a Spreadsheet Every Day

Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel have their place, but they are not a smart solution for running community transport services from.  It opens you up to inaccurate data, human error and security issues. Maintain compliance and work efficiently and cost...

Communicate with Ease and Control Your Data

Cloud technology is like marmite.  Some people love it, others hate it.  Well, at Road XS, we love it!  However, we are also conscious of it's shortfalls.  Take a look at one of our other blog posts about the benefits of cloud software.  The main benefit of cloud is...

Why Use Road XS?

Road XS offers an intuitive user experience due to it’s flexibility to carry out complex tasks when running community transport services.  Below are some reasons to choose Road XS as your community transport software platform to take you into the future: Works the Way...

Go Deeper with Road XS Reporting

A feature that makes Road XS so valuable is the real-time reporting.  With Road XS, gone are the days where you need to manually generate your own reports (often riddled with the odd error), but a new era of instantaneous real-time statistics.  This helps anyone make...


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