How Road XS can transform your transport services


A Passenger Portal with a Difference

The passenger portal is the invisible link between you and your passengers. Without passengers there would be no need for any form of passenger transport services. The relationship you have between yourself and your passengers as with...

Be Lazy with Car Transport Software

Car transport software enables you to be lazy! Look, we’re all human. This probably means we all want an easy life. If you’re a community transport operator or transport manager, you know the two words ‘easy life’ just aren’t in your...

The Driver Portal

Volunteer drivers and in some cases professional drivers, are the backbone of community transport services and come from all walks of life, all united in serving their local community.  Most (if not all) community transport providers will...

Easy to Use Transport Booking Software

Transport booking software is one of the key elements to any transport software and enables you to quickly and easily take bookings.  Well in Road XS, we made it our mission to make this as easy as possible. Not only do we make it easy,...

Route Optimisation Your Way

As standard, Road XS comes pre-installed with route optimisation and our Smart Route technology.  This ensures that whenever you create a journey, add or remove passengers and allocate drivers, route optimisation kicks in and...

Transport Software in the Cloud – Work from Anywhere

We often hear that cloud software enables us to work from anywhere – but is this actually now a reality or still just a fad and marketing gimmick? We decided to put this to the ultimate test…Road XS community transport...

Eliminate Your Fears About Transport Software

Transport software is a means of automating mundane tasks and making your life easier!  But for some, there are fears surrounding using software vs using paper or just fears about computer systems in general, and that sense of...

Dial a Ride Software That Delivers

So when we set out on starting Road XS we thought it would be simple.  We thought it would work like Google Maps and that was that.  Wrong!  It turns out community transport services are incredibly complicated! ...

What Makes a Really Great Transport Software

Transport software can save you hours of time, frustrations and money. Equally, if you adopt the wrong transport software you may find yourself tied into a three year deal (or more) and unable to get out of it –...

8 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Community transport providers are always under constant pressure to get the most out of their services, whilst at the same time operating with a smaller and smaller budget. There have even been instances where...

Chat Live With Us

There have been a number of on-going updates to Road XS via Cloud Refresh (see what's new), but in the background there have also been a number of business improvements too to enhance support, training and customer service. We realise how hectic the life of a...

New Driver Portal Launching Soon

We are pleased to announce that very soon the new driver portal will be launching on Road XS! Version 2 of the driver portal presents a cleaner, more user friendly design and a few more integrated features to provide your...

The Immediate Impact of the GDPR

May 25th has been and gone which means the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full force across the UK and Europe.  Immedately your passengers now have greater rights than they did last week to...


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