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Is Road XS Better than Uber?

In a word, yes!  But that’s because we’re different.  If you don’t know what Uber is or have never heard of them, Uber...

Our Mission at Road XS

For centuries the human race has always been moving forwards, pushing the boundaries just to survive.  It's time we...

What is Community Transport?

What is community transport? Is something that many people ask us. This is very often because people have never heard...

What is a Run Sheet?

This is something we often get asked at Road XS and English language semantics aside, the run sheet is actually an...

Dial a Ride Done Right

Just in case you are not sure what dial a ride is, it is generally a door-to-door transport service for people with a...

The Driver Portal

Volunteer drivers and in some cases professional drivers, are the backbone of community transport services and come...


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