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Turbo Charge Your Day with a Cold Shower

Cold showers are not pleasant (initially), but they do have a number of health benefits! Do you often struggle in the morning to wake up and get going? Do you feel like the day doesn’t start before a coffee? Well, what if it could start...

Simple Transport Software

Making things simple is the core development principle at Road XS. The irony however, is that transport and community transport is anything but simple! It’s like the old phrase, if it was simple everyone would be doing it!...

How to Stay On Top Of Your Emails

Like them or loath them, emails are here to stay!  People thought that live chat software and messaging apps such as What’s App and Telegram would finish off email for good, but lately email has made a comeback! The reason why...

Transport Booking Software That’s Easy to Use

Community transport services fundamental core is getting passengers to the right place, at the right time, for the right price. This involves carefully managing each individual passengers’ requirements and finding a driver close enough to...

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

When you surf the internet your browser is remembering little bits of the websites you visit so that the next time you go back to the website or continue browsing the site elements which are similar are already pre-loaded –...

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Working either online in the cloud or offline, these keyboard shortcuts can really help speed up your work! They save needing to reach for the mouse and can make you way more productive! Here we have assembled a reference...

The Handy (Free) Snipping Tool

A lot of you have have commented and it seems often wondered how we on earth we easily send across screenshots of areas on a screen and how quick we have been able to do it.  Well, to those of you who haven't heard...


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