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Podcast: The Pros and Cons of GPS Technology

FInd out the pros and cons of using GPS technology within your transport services.  If you have any feedback or ideas or indeed would like to apper on the show then please email Join Our...

10 Must Have Patient Transport Software Features

Patient transport software is crucial for any medical service which requires patient's to be picked up or dropped off for appointments.  This might be from hospitals, GP surgeries, daycare and more.  Without patient transport software you...

What is Demand Responsive Transport?

Demand responsive transport or DRT, is the emerging technology in community transport services.  This level of transport service provision enables optimising your existing resources, such as your drivers and vehicles to ensure your...

Why Online Transport Software Rocks

Online transport software is the best way to manage and grow your transport services.  I know, I know, you're thinking there's more than one way and indeed even paper!  But the things is, online transport software is just so much better...

Secrets of Exceptional Bus Transport Software

If you run a bus transport company then you will need bus transport software.  Bus transport software enables you to manage your passengers, book trips, allocate vehicles to the right journeys at the right time and optimise your fleet...

Transport Routing Software that Pinpoints Locations

When planning your journeys, you will come across some obscure locations (most likely in rural areas) and it's important that any transport routing software includes a manual override of any address suggested. This enables the transport...

Transport Software Removes Our Intelligence, Or Does It?

Road XS transport software takes away all the mundane tasks so you can better serve your customers.  But what is transport software, (and software in general) aided by technology, doing to our brains?...Just remember a time briefly before...

Are You Driven to Distraction?

Are you completely sure of who is controlling your vehicle at all times?  Believe it or not, we are getting lazier and lazier when it comes to driving – through no fault of our own.  Semi-autonomous driving (which...

Is the Future Too Soon?

By now, no doubt you have formed an opinion relating to driverless car technology (autonomous driving) and whether it’s a good or bad thing for society.Volvo have been developing assisted driving and now ultimately autonomous...

Benefits of Transport Software in the Cloud

Road XS is a cloud based transport software which you operate securely in the cloud.  Simply put, this means operating via the Internet.  In the past, software would be installed on site and on individual computers one at a...


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