Car Club Software

Car Club software to manage your vehicles and bookings with ease from anywhere.  Road XS offers an all-in one solution enabling you to manage your car club in full, offering members the ability to book vehicles and even request volunteers to drive the vehicles for them.

The software application is ideal for smaller or larger clubs looking to operate efficiently.

What is Car Club Software?

Our car club software is a secure, cloud-based solution created to support car clubs to manage their resources and passengers with ease and to reduce time consuming administrative tasks.

Our car club membership management software helps automate administrative tasks by providing an easier and more efficient way to handle club membership management, communication, bookings, renewals and payments, alongside the existing Road XS technology.

We provide an affordable solution to car clubs providing grater accuracy.  The software is evolving to cater for every type of club, including community car clubs, sports car clubs, bike clubs and more.

Benefits of Using Car Club Software

The Road XS car club software simplifies membership management, enhances communication, simplifies your booking service, saves time and costs, offers tailored features, improves the member experience, and promotes environmental sustainability.

Whilst not a bespoke car club booking software, we are able to offer tailored solutions and add additional functionality on request to better serve car club providers, such as online payments, handling direct debit and custom membership fees and membership payments along with a wide range of integrations and functionality previously unavailable in car club management software.

Road XS Car Club Features

A summary of what comes with Road XS car club:

Passenger booking portal

Allow your passengers use of our innovative booking bot which keeps things simple and friendly.  Your passengers can login, manage their bookings and details and check when vehicles are available.

Track bookings in real time

You can track every booking in real time – whether it’s a car club member or community transport booking with a volunteer using one of your car club vehicles for a trip.  Everything can be managed from the admin area.

Driver Portal

The driver portal works across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and even includes GPS tracking. Enable your drivers to allocate themselves to nearby journeys, maintain their records, availability and more, all at their convenience 24/7.

Pinpoint locations for accurate arrivals and departures

Pinpoint your passengers, drivers and destinations with our pinpoint location technology. You can even pinpoint pickup spots so your drivers have all the information they require in an instant, ensuring accurate journey estimates and times.

What3Words integration to locate vehicles

Road XS comes installed with What3Words fully integrated.  This means with GPS switched on you know the last known location of your vehicle and volunteer drivers.  This keeps passengers and drivers safe whenever they’re using Road XS.

Find available drivers with ease for any journey

When managing volunteer car club you can quickly find the best available driver in an instant for any passenger journey. This saves going back and forth to drivers who may not wish to belong to the car club and also prevents wasting time with drivers who are unavailable.

Automated invoicing with full transparency for passengers

With Road XS you can automate your fees calculation and invoicing process based on the information provided relating to the booking.  We can calculate total time and apply costs to an invoice depending on the way you run your car club management fees.

Real-time instant reporting with detailed insights

Road XS collects data in real-time. This assists you at meetings, improves communication and transparency with funders, enhances decisions and can even highlight bottlenecks in your transport services.

See how busy your drivers are allocating journeys fairly

Gain insight into how busy a driver is on a particular day when allocating a driver to a journey. This makes sure that not all the drivers are being allocated to journeys, leaving other drivers left in the cold. Make sure everyone’s involved.

Membership Management and Renewals

Keep your car club membership records up to date including setting renewals. Road XS works like a CRM and integrates directly with your car club membership bookings functioning as car club membership software too supporting membership fees, membership renewal reminders.

Grow your car club

With Road XS you can scale up your car club to wider areas in the furure by enabling our service area features. This means you are not limited to just one area and can seamlessly manage multiple locations.

We seek feedback

We are always looking for feedback from our users to see how we can always improve our product.

We always get better

We are passionate about our software and are always working hard to keep improving our product.

We listen

We always listen to our end users requirements to ensure that we are providing a product that helps you.


Below we answer some of our most frequently asked questions. 
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What is a Community Car Club?

A community car club is a type of membership-based transportation service, where members pay an annual fee to join and use car sharing vehicles located in their local area. The cars are usually held at static locations that are accessible to all members. Community car clubs aim to provide an affordable, convenient, and sustainable alternative to owning a car for those who only need occasional access to one.

Members can book cars online or by phone, and use them for short trips within the local area. They may also be able to use the cars for longer trips – such as on vacation – but this is usually charged at a different rate. Car club members typically pay a daily or hourly fee, plus an annual fee and/or security deposit. Community car clubs are becoming increasingly popular in cities around the world , as they offer a low-carbon alternative to car ownership while still providing the convenience of having access to a car when needed.

How Does a Car Club Work?

Members of a car club typically pay an annual fee and in return get access to the vehicles. To use a vehicle, members usually need to book it online or by phone and then go to the location of the vehicle to unlock it with a keycard or code.

The cars can then be used for short trips around the local area. When the trip is over, the car needs to be returned to its original location. Fuel and insurance are usually included in the rental cost, and members may also be able to extend their rental period or take the car on longer trips for a fee. Community car clubs offer an affordable, convenient, and sustainable alternative to owning a car.

Can I Book a Journey with a Volunteer?

This depends on the service being offered, but Road XS supports the option to allow you to book a volunteer to drive the vehicle for you to your destination.  This means your vehicles can be used along with your volunteer driver pool at the same time.