Turbo Charge Your Day with a Cold Shower

Turbo Charge Your Day with a Cold Shower

Cold showers are not pleasant (initially), but they do have a number of health benefits! Do you often struggle in the morning to wake up and get going? Do you feel like the day doesn’t start before a coffee? Well, what if it could start your day in an instant and feel totally energised and awake? It’s possible, but it’s not for everyone! Taking a cold shower (also known as the James Bond shower) is one of the most energising things you can do.

Before we go any further, we must stress that it might be worth checking with your doctor first whether you would be able to withstand the cold, but if you are up for it and stick to it, we think you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. After about two weeks you will notice a big difference and will be ‘hardened’ to common colds and a whole host of ailments. This article explores why a cold shower might just be the best thing you do in your day. It will also improve your skin and hair too!

Take a look at a host of other benefits that taking a cold shower will have for your health and well-being:

Increase Your Emotional Resilience and Lower Your Stress

Cold showers have been proven to enhance and develop your nervous system, increasing it’s resilience to stress. It has been shown that when you have a cold shower your body will experience a mild state of oxidative stress. Overtime this trains your body and makes you ‘harder’ to general life stresses and will help increase your general state of calm.

Wake Yourself Up

A cold shower will wake you up. If you have a problem getting going in the morning, a cold shower will get you motivated and ready for the day ahead. It will also increase your will power, especially if you continue taking them.

Increase Your Alertness

Try skipping that morning coffee and try the cold shower instead. You’ll find you have your breath taken away but the deep breathing you experience thereafter will increase your oxygen intake, increase your heart rate and provide you a dose of energy for the rest of your day. A morning cold shower will take you out of your groggy morning slump and into an energised bunny! It will keep you productivity high all day too!

Improve Your Immunity with a Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower consistently actually increases your metabolic speed and the amount of white blood cells in the body which are used to fight disease.

Increase Your Circulation

A cold shower will increase the blood flow around your body which will increase your cardiovascular health. This is thanks to blood rushing to your organs to keep them warm and pumping it around your body.

Clear Out Your Lymphatic System

By taking a cold shower you will increase the activity of your lymphatic system which is the system responsible to remove waste from the cells.

Enhance Recovery

If you play sport or have ever had an injury, generally you would ice things or might pop into an ice bath. Cryotherapy has been around for a long time and the benefits have long been proven. Studies have shown that an ice bath after intense training improves circulation and assists in removing lactic acid which can lead to aches and pains.

Improve Your Sleep

Interestingly, taking a cold shower an hour before bed can lower your bodies core temperature and sets it up for a better state to allow you to drop off. As we sleep our temperature drop and a cold shower can fast track this process before bed and help calm you down. Just make sure you do it at least an hour before bed!

Kickstart Weight Loss

Cold showers help with weight loss. In your body there are two types of fat, brown fat and white fat. The white fat is the bad form of fat and the brown fat is used to keep the body warm and generates heat for the body. Taking a cold shower activates the brown fats in your body as cold temperatures increase your brown fat.

If you’re sceptical, and I am sure you are, check out a man called Wim Hof. He’s also nicknamed the ‘Ice Man’. Born in 1959, Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete, but he is noted for his ability to withstand extreme temperatures. He has set several Guinness World Records for swimming under ice and for prolonged full contact with ice. He also still holds the record for a barefoot half marathon on ice and snow.

Wim Hoff has developed his own method for ensuring you become happy, strong and healthy, which is known not surprisingly as the ‘Wim Hof Method’. His method is based on cold therapy, breathing and commitment. Wim Hof advocates cold therapy for continued health benefits and a healthier life. Most interestingly in all of this, is that the science behind it all backs him up.

If you want to kickstart your mornings, gain some energy and spring out the door, taking a cold shower might just be the best thing you do. You won’t immediately feel the benefits, and you may feel slightly worse initially as your lymphatic system gets flushed out, but there on out you will feel far healthier, alert and with it! Go on, give it a try. You will come to enjoy clarity you get afterwards. Worst case, you’ll love your hairdryer a lot more!

Jul 1, 2019