How Community Transport Software Drives You Forwards

by | Oct 5, 2019 | Community Transport Services

Community transport software plays a vital role in ensuring your services are able to grow and support increased demand from your local community. Without it you can find yourself unable to keep on top of what we call the day to day madness that is community transport. Anyone who has worked in community transport knows that on a day to day basis it is fraught with actiivity. For now, let’s just go back to basics where it all began…

Your Early Community Transport Days

In the early days of operating a transport scheme you likely wouldn’t think to look for community transport software as you’ll be so busy taking phone calls, making notes relating to the passenger journey details required and placing these notes into the in-tray for next week’s journeys or entering it all into a spreadsheet.

Once the details of the journeys are all captured you’ll be busy trying to find a driver by calling them up one at a time to fill the slot. Typically, this would likely be a well-known driver who was reliable, friendly but who is not necessarily too close to the passenger’s pickup point or destination which increases the mileage cost to the passenger. When the journey is complete, the driver will be asked to provide the fees back to the community transport scheme to help maintain the service.

In the early days of operating this approach is fine, but things if they haven’t already will grow and you’ll start seeing an increased demand for your vital community services. This is when chaos can ensue. All of a sudden you need to find more drivers to meet the increased demands and it’s likely you’ll find a lot more passengers demanding your journeys faster than you can volunteer drivers.

One of the biggest, but most vital aspects of your services is providing reports back to your funders. This in itself can be manual intensive and time-consuming and at the end of the month can take up a lot of your time. You have to do it though because this is a crucial part of achieving funding. Very soon you will likely find yourself stuck for time with no way of increasing staff or resources. The whole process is so labour-intensive that eventually you might even have to turn down journeys from your passengers, despite not wanting to.

The entire process above is labour-intensive and requires a lot of steps and local knowledge about the service. Each co-ordinator will also have their own biases towards picking particular drivers and after a while voluntary drivers will feel that they are not being included and may lose interest. As a result all that hard work in recruiting them is lost. The solution lies with community transport software.

Community Transport Software Built for You

When we started Road XS in 2016, we felt your pain. We watched community transport providers run their services and saw just how much effort goes into running the services from day to day. With Road XS we set out to automate and improve a lot of these processes (if not all processes) for you so that you work the same way, but more efficiently and less stressed!

We watched as transport managers manually created and counted journeys and reports, how drivers were called and the phone never stopped ringing. We watched how fees were collected and how schedules were altered in a moments notice. We knew we had to do something to help, to ensure that these services remained active without the high overheads which would be unaffordable for charities.

This is why we build Road XS, as we discovered nothing had been built which could save you time and money and not only that. save your passengers money too! Imagine creating a journey within 30 seconds and then being guided through every step with minimal effort and in some cases absolutely no effort! As some have put it, Road XS is dreamy! It takes all the messiness out and just keeps you on track!

Road XS also raises the standards and enforces set workflows which you can make work for you. The software knows your available, verified and trustworthy drivers and it knows which ones are closest to your passengers to ensure they are not over charged. It also provides you a history of which closest drivers have been contacted so that you don’t need to keep pestering them. It will also remind you of when driver and vehicle details need updating. Not only that, you can plan real-time routes and receive up-to-date reports based upon the operations of your volunteers and the community you serve (Read how Road XS beats the spreadsheet).

Road XS is the only community transport software which is built for services just like yours. It is the only integrated platform supporting voluntary car schemes, group travel, dial a ride (demand responsive transport) and commercial transport services. Road XS will also optimise your passenger journeys including the order in which they are picked up ensuring no one is left behind.

Here’s a few reasons why Road XS is the ideal community transport software for you:

Community Transport Software Provides Accurate Data

Following the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, it is now more important than ever to ensure your information and the way you store it and process it is secure, maintained and up to date. Failure to do so may result in a fine from the information commissioner’s office. Not only that, but It’s difficult to operate an efficient and sustainable service if the information you are capturing is inaccurate, can’t be found easily or is just simply useless. This is why community transport software is now far more important than it used to be.

Road XS captures the key aspects of what you require to operate your services so you don’t miss that vital piece of information out. You can then use the data captured to analyse your services via informative dashboards, real-time reports and spot patterns of behaviour in relation to your passengers and drivers. You can also use this to pinpoint any issues with your transport services.

Set Goals and Plan Ahead

You can use Road XS to set goals. This might be to handle x amount of calls each day or to allocate x number of drivers each day for journeys entered. This helps keep your transport team on track and ensure that their experience is enjoyable and gives a sense of purpose. Your volunteers also get a sense of value from the good work they are doing for their community and of course, Road XS shows just what they have been up to as well! With Road XS you naturally create a cohesive team even if they work remotely as you are all working towards the same goal of delivering the best service you possibly can.

Collect Fees and Become Sustainable with Automated Invoicing

With Road XS you can keep your passengers fully informed about how much their journeys are going to cost them. No longer does it need to be a ‘guestimate’ but a genuine real-time idea of how long and how much your journey will take. This helps provide a transparent communication between you and your passengers so that no one is left in the lurch. Road XS can also invoice your drivers to collect admin fees per month meaning you’re not having to collect notes and coins and counting them all out.

One of the best features of Road XS is also the pricing model. It means you can get cutting edge software which is always evolving and at the same time absorb the costs easily into your fees so that you essentially get it free. The amount of time and value which Road XS brings will be well worth it. We have seen one provider increase 115% in two years of using the platform. They also perform their tasks more efficiently and with less staff who have been able to get involved in provider further services to the local community.

Save Time with the Driver Portal and Save Your Passenger Money

Road XS comes pre-installed with a driver’s portal. You can choose whether to use this portal or not, but if you do, it allows drivers to login from anywhere and access their upcoming drives and allocate themselves to drivers closest to them. This means that you are saving time for your admin staff and saving on needless phone calls. The drivers can also maintain their vehicle information and availability so that you don’t have to chase them and so that you can maintain high standards and safety standards to your passengers.

One of the biggest time saving features of Road XS is the ability to press a button and all your nearest available drivers show up! This means you don’t waste time calling drivers which are already booked out or are away on holiday. It means you save loads of time on the phone and can focus on finding the right driver for the passenger’s needs!

Road XS is Always Releasing New Features

Road XS is built for community transport providers just like you. It means if you have an idea of how Road XS could work better we’d love to hear from you. Our mission is to have the best community transport software available to everyone, no matter how large or small your operation. This means everyone wins, and this means so do the people your services support.

Join the Community in Solving Isolation and Loneliness

We believe that in order to create the best community transport software which can be used by everyone to offer the most efficient, accurate and streamlined service that we all need to have an open dialogue about the topic. That’s why at Road XS we developed the online community area where you can all end in your feature requests and vote on requests sent in by others. We’ve also been able to offer discounts and deals for your volunteer drivers and the community continues to grow! One of our main goals is to get other community transport providers talking to one another to solve the issues surrounding rural isolation and loneliness in our society. Road XS is the enabler to bring everyone together and drive our communities forward.

There are a whole host of other reasons too to choose Road XS. Why not check out a some of the features which come with Road XS and why not have a listen to our podcast while you’re at it? Any questions….get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!