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So when we set out on starting Road XS we thought it would be simple.  We thought it would work like Google Maps and that was that.  Wrong!  It turns out community transport services are incredibly complicated!  And then …there’s dial a ride!  What a conundrum that is!

Well that was our reaction – but that was two years ago now.  In almost two years there have been over 40 updates on the Road XS software and thanks to feedback from the Road XS community, the software continues to improve and deliver more and more advanced solutions to the complex issues faced by transport service providers.

The latest release (which we nicknamed Everest because it was so big!), has just landed on Road XS and it’s completely changed the way the software was built.  We treat each passenger differently now in the software and what this release enables us to do, is better track and manage passengers using the transport services.  It means that driving miles for just one passenger no longer needs to happen (not that it did before on the Road XS service) and the route the vehicle takes is not just optimised for the journey, but for passenger pick-ups too!

We are now working towards building in cost aspects as well so that you can see if your services are operating at cost, below or above.  This information is invaluable for fleet management and the new vehicle activity board streamlines your birds-eye view of the fleet.

So what does this all mean for my services?  Well, if you adopt Road XS, it means you gain greater control and insight into how your vehicles are being utilised.  At the click of a button you now get to see clearly what each vehicle is up to each day, including estimated arrival times.   The crazy ad-hoc nature of Dial a Ride journeys is being simplified and, in the process, saving you time and money!

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What Makes a Really Great Transport Software

Dial a Ride software should be easy to use, and we’ve set ourselves the task of building the most user-friendly, cost-efficient and simple to use software out there.  We want to make your life as easy as possible.


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Aug 13, 2018 | Learning