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Save time, fuel and operating costs

Standard transport software won’t optimise your dial a ride route or passenger pickups. They will optimise your route as if people were parcels. We optimise the route based around the passenger’s needs to ensure they spend as little time in transit as possible but ensuring they get to their appointments on time.

Optimised Routes, Passenger Handling and Scheduling
Operate efficiently with Road XS

Optimise Your Routes and Fleet

We have developed the most user-friendly and efficient route planning software which helps you stay in command of your busy transport services. Passengers can be added and removed quickly with instant route updates and automatically calculated pickup, drop-off and arrival times. All you have to focus on is asking each passenger where they want to go and Road XS takes care of the rest. See below some of the exciting features…

Intelligent Workflows Create a Fun User Experience

Intelligent Workflow

Road XS has developed the dial a ride service with community transport providers to ensure the complete workflow has been captured for the notorious ad-hoc service. Applying intelligent design and Smart Route technology, Road XS takes all the complications out of the booking and scheduling tasks and ensures your fleet operates at reduced costs due to the optimised number of passengers per journey. Watch as your dial a ride services comes to life with pick-up points, drop-off points, waypoints and optimised routing.

Key Dial a Ride Features

See what comes with our dial a ride software

Smart Routes

Intelligent route planning, optimisation and mapping engine.


Optimised passenger, driver and vehicle scheduling built in.

Passenger Fares

Multiple passenger fares with cost calculations for each passenger.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting and statistics accessible in real-time.


Reporting and management for those running with BSOG.

Cancellation Management

Keep detailed records for cancelled journeys to assist funding.

Driver Management

Select from only qualified and active license holding drivers.

Passenger Boarding

On-board and off-board passengers quickly and easily with auto route updates and fares.

Driver Portal

Allow your drivers to login from anywhere and see their journeys in real-time.

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