Dial a Ride Software

Dial a Ride software that is fully automated.

Road XS optimises dial a ride routes in real-time based around the passenger’s needs to ensure they spend as little time in transit as possible, but ensuring they get to where they need to be safely and efficiently.

Fully optimised dial a ride routes

We have developed the most user-friendly dial a ride software with dynamic route planning, which helps you stay in control of your busy transport services. Passengers can be added and removed quickly with real-time route updates and automatically calculated pickup times, arrival times, transit time and vehicle capacity. All you have to focus on is asking each passenger where they want to go and Road XS takes care of the rest.

Dial a Ride Software

Dial a Ride Software Features

A summary of what comes with Road XS

Track your journeys in real time from anywhere

Track every journey with ease, complete with real-time visual mapping. Each route is optimised saving passenger costs and fuel. Journey routes automatically update when passengers are added or removed in real-time and fully integrate with all your services.

Driver portal with GPS tracking on the go

The driver portal works across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and even includes GPS tracking. Enable your drivers to allocate themselves to nearby journeys, maintain their records, availability and more, all at their convenience 24/7.

Pinpoint locations for accurate arrivals and departures

Pinpoint your passengers, drivers and destinations with our pinpoint location technology. You can even pinpoint pickup spots so your drivers have all the information they require in an instant, ensuring accurate journey estimates and times.

What3Words integration to locate vehicles

Road XS comes installed with What3Words fully integrated.  This means with GPS switched on you know the last known location of your vehicle and drivers.  This keeps passengers, drivers and crew safe whenever they’re using Road XS.

Find the nearest available drivers for any journey

Find the nearest available driver in an instant for any passenger journey. This ensures your passengers pay less and that only drivers with the right vehicles, mobility support and accurate records show up as an option for a journey.

Automated invoicing with full transparency for passengers

Save time manually generating invoices to drivers, passengers and contracts. Road XS can automate the collection of admin fees and mileage for you and includes the option for online payments.

Complete route optimisation with smart route technology

Watch your journeys come to life with the instant route planner. Adding and removing passengers along with waypoints has never been easier, ensuring your passengers get to where they need to be on time and safely.

Real-time instant reporting with detailed insights

Road XS collects data in real-time. This assists you at meetings, improves communication and transparency with funders, enhances decisions and can even highlight bottlenecks in your transport services.

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)

Run a full demand responsive dial a ride service and dial a ride service responding instantly to passenger demands. Automatically calculating transit times, passenger loading times, vehicle capacity and more, it is the only true automated DRT software.

Communicate easily with driver messaging

Make sure any conversations you have regarding journeys are kept secure and not communicated insecurely via e-mail. You can also send broadcast notifications to all, or a selection of drivers.

See how busy your drivers are allocating journeys fairly

Gain insight into how busy a driver is on a particular day when allocating a driver to a journey. This makes sure that not all the drivers are being allocated to journeys, leaving other drivers left in the cold. Make sure everyone’s involved.

Passenger booking portal

Road XS comes with a passenger portal enabling your passengers to book themselves onto journeys via our friendly chatbot technology. You can optionally choose to integrate our service with Whats App, Telegram and more.  This means passengers don’t have to call the office to book journeys and means you can operate a 24/7 service whilst reducing your admin work.

Keep your driver records up to date with reminders too

Retain accurate records and maintain your GDPR compliance with reminders and key data at your fingertips. This ensures your team has all the information to hand when dealing with any situation at any time of day.  Drivers with out of date records are automatically removed from potential journey look ups.

Grow your scheme with independent service areas

Break down your journeys into service areas so you can gain full control over who has access to which transport services. Use service areas to grow your organisation and services.

Road XS has more than 650 features

We seek feedback

We are always looking for feedback from our users to see how we can always improve our product.

We always get better

We are passionate about our software and are always working hard to keep improving our product.

We listen

We always listen to our end users requirements to ensure that we are providing a product that helps you.

Case Study

Red Cross

The Red Cross needed a transport platform that would enable them to grow at scale to kickstart their community transport services. Road XS provides them an integrated transport software meaning they can focus on growing their transport services.

What is dial a ride?

A door-to-door DRT transport service

Dial a ride (which is also known as ‘demand responsive transport’), is a valuable transport service for those who cannot use public transport or find it difficult to travel. Dial a ride provides a responsive solution to passenger needs and, in most cases, providing a door to door transport service.

The challenge for dial a ride service providers, is ensuring that passengers can be picked up realistically in the right time frames whilst optimising the existing route of the journey which helps reduce your carbon footprint, mileage and fuel costs.

Many operate these services manually and estimate how long each leg of the journey should take. However, this is far from ideal and often means the whole journey picture is not considered and you end up with passengers being given inaccurate pickup times and drivers waiting for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, as more passengers are added to existing journeys the route gets more complicated and services and routes can become ‘fractured’ and chaotic. When you factor in changing passengers’ requirements and increased demand for services managing this becomes incredibly stressful.

Road XS does things differently. We automate the process and treat people as people, not parcels. Most transport software treat people as parcels, not knowing or concerned about how long a person spends in a vehicle, so long as the route is optimised. But people aren’t parcels.

Road XS provides the only automated dial a ride software with automated pickup windows and drop off times ensuring passengers do not spend any longer than they need to whilst in transit. This means all the transport team need to do is add and remove passengers from a journey and the route gets magically calculated with realistic and accurate pickup windows.

Road XS also ensures that arrival times are considered a priority. This enables you to combine journeys so that passengers who are travelling on the service to attend a medical appointment are not late, compared to those travelling on the same journey just to go to the shops.

Road XS is the only transport software which offers a fully optimised experience.

People Aren’t Parcels

Automate your dial a ride service with passenger optimisation built in. Ensure your passengers get treated like people.