The Driver Portal

The driver portal in Road XS is one of the most innovative and time-saving features.  Not only is it easy to use and pretty to look at, but the capabilities built into it perform many of the background tasks automatically which without the portal would need to be performed manually.

Volunteer drivers are the backbone of community transport services and come from all walks of life, all united in serving their local community.  Most (if not all) community transport providers will have checked each volunteer driver with the Disclosure and Barring Service so that they are suitable to help even the most vulnerable.  All volunteer drivers can do as much or as little as they like and receive a mileage allowance.  Road XS streamlines the mileage and time capture process via the driver portal.

The driver portal allows any driver using Road XS to login from home and access all their up-coming journeys, completed journeys, manage their availability, update their vehicle details and claim their miles and enter journey duration.  They can even state whether there was a delay on the route.  Another useful feature is that the journey map will show any traffic on the journey route too.

The driver portal is a great feature of Road XS because it reduces some of the work the hard-working admin teams at the main office have to do, saving them from phoning drivers to chase any payments outstanding.  This leaves the admin teams at the office to focus on booking journeys and allocating drivers, not chasing fees which should have already been paid (see Road XS features).

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A Passenger Portal with a Difference

The driver portal puts community transport right into the drivers home and means they don’t need to travel to the office to drop off their claim forms. Any driver (as long as they have an authorised login), can login via the internet and access only their information.  The interface is really easy to follow and will work on any browser.

If you would like to help your community, you could offer your time as a volunteer driver which would help transform your local community transport services.  Volunteers are essential to the success of any scheme and our goal is to ensure Road XS keeps community transport sustainable and accessible to everyone who requires the services long into the future.

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Mar 16, 2019 | Learning