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Volunteer drivers and in some cases professional drivers, are the backbone of community transport services and come from all walks of life, all united in serving their local community.  Most (if not all) community transport providers will have checked each volunteer driver with the Disclosure and Barring Service so that they are suitable to help even the most vulnerable.  All volunteer drivers can do as much or as little as they like and receive a mileage allowance.

Road XS comes pre-installed with a driver portal for all your drivers so that they can work when they want to and help work closer with your services, even when you’re shut!  With the Road XS driver portal, drivers can:

  • Operate from desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Maintain their availability for journeys
  • Track their location on a journey
  • Increase safety standards
  • Maintain vehicle and personal records
  • Maintain accurate mileage stats
  • Opt in and out of journeys
  • and more…


Road XS Driver Portal

*Desktop screenshot sample with no journeys

Save Time and Raise Standards with Our Driver Portal

Road XS streamlines and automates the mileage and time calculations to provide accurate fares to the passenger.  The Road XS driver portal also allows drivers to allocate themselves to journeys they can do.  This saves the admin staff a lot of time phoning up drivers.

The driver portal allows any driver using Road XS to login from home and access all their up-coming journeys, completed journeys, manage their availability, update their vehicle details and claim their miles and enter journey duration.  They can also access and pay any invoices on the system, and they can even state whether there was a delay on the route.  Another useful feature is that the journey map will show any traffic on the journey route too.

The driver portal is a great feature of Road XS because it reduces some of the work the hard-working admin teams at the main office have to do, saving them from phoning drivers to chase any payments outstanding.  This leaves the admin teams at the office to focus on booking journeys and allocating drivers, not chasing fees which should have already been paid (see Road XS features).

Drivers can also maintain all their own records and use our integrated MOT lookup to ensure details are accurate and up to date.  If a driver fails to keep their records up to date or indeed records become outdated, Road XS ensures these drivers don’t show up for journeys.  This means you can work confidently in the safe knowledge that your drivers are safe to use, no matter the journey ahead.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

The driver portal puts community transport right into the drivers home and means they don’t need to travel to the office to drop off their claim forms. Any driver (as long as they have an authorised login), can login via the internet and access only their information.  The interface is really easy to follow and will work on any browser on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

GPS Tracking Included

We recently launched our GPS tracking capabilities too which is all included within Road XS.  You can now see where your drivers are on the route they are taking which keeps your team fully informed of their progress and current position.  It also means you don’t need to pay for additional trackers on your vehicles be it cars, minibuses or for dial a ride services and enables you to deliver a demand responsive service.

If you would like to save time and money, then the Road XS Driver Portal is the best place to start.  Some of our providers now see 66% of all their journey bookings get handled remotely by volunteer drivers as they allocate themselves to the journeys they wish to take within their local radius.  This leaves admin staff able to focus on higher priority tasks such as developing new services or dealing with unscheduled interruptions.

If you would like to help your community, you could offer your time as a volunteer driver which would help transform your local community transport services.  Volunteers are essential to the success of any scheme and our goal is to ensure Road XS keeps community transport sustainable and accessible to everyone who requires the use of the services.  Volunteer drivers are essential and at Road XS we have developed the driver portal to assist you in making your life as easy as possible when booking journeys.

You can take Road XS for a test drive by clicking here and why not have a listen to our podcast on the pros and cons of GPS technology here.

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