Road XS Features

Road XS comes pre-installed with numerous features.  We have highlighted some of them here.  We continuously improve the software via our Cloud Refresh service

The On-Demand Community Transport Software

Road XS is built using the latest cloud technologies allowing you to operate securely from anywhere.  You can quickly complete tasks, set schedules, take and manage bookings, see time critical actions, generate instant reports and more in just a few clicks.  Below, we have highlighed just some of the features you’ll experience all within Road XS.

Collect Actionable Statistics

Road XS collects data in real-time.  This assists you at meetings, improves communication and transparency with funders, enhances decisions and can even highlight bottlenecks in your transport services.  Road XS comes pre-installed with over 20 reports to choose from (custom reports are available on request).

Security is Our Priority

We take data security seriously and ensure Road XS is GDPR compliant and continuously adapts to emerging security requirements.  Road XS comes pre-installed with numerous security features, processes, auditing and workflows.

Highlighted Features of Road XS

A selection of features included for all clients within Road XS

Smart Route Visibility

Track every journey with ease, complete with real-time visual mapping. Each route is optimised saving costs and fuel.

Instant Route Planning

Watch your journeys come to life with the instant route planner. Adding and removing passengers along with waypoints has never been easier.

Invoicing & Payments

Automate your invoicing, track and take payments either online or via cash and cheque. Road XS can be customised to your invoicing needs.

Live Action Board

The action board enables you to get clear on time critical tasks your transport team needs to complete.  Stay calm and always in control.

Departure Boards

Quickly access your schedules with our inclusive interactive departure boards, enabling you to get immediate clarity on your daily and future journeys.

Live Traffic Feeds

Access the latest traffic information for your local area, enabling you to keep your drivers and passengers informed of the local traffic conditions.

Driver & Passenger Profiles

Maintain accurate and up to date records of your passengers and drivers. This is a vital requirement of the GDPR, we make it easy.

Driver Suggestions

Save your passengers money by selecting the nearest available driver. Road XS presents a list of drivers who are able to take the journey.

Driver's Portal

Road XS comes pre-installed with a driver’s portal which enables your driver’s to opt-in on journeys, manage information and payments.

Real-Time Reports

Save time with the in-built reporting. With over 20 reports included, you will gain valuable insight into your transport services.

Scale Up Your Services

Road XS allows you to setup service areas and control information sharing. Centrally manage your transport services with ease.


Access Controls

Setup admin roles, information access rights and enable and disable features. Road XS caters for all computer skill levels and competencies.

More Features

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Cross Border Drivers

Road XS removes the barriers for drivers.  If you have a driver situated just over the border and closer to a passenger than a driver who sits within the border, then Road XS still enables you to report on the journey based on the passenger location.

This means you can utilise your resources in an efficient manner and not waste passenger money and cause unnecessary mileage and, still maintain accurate reporting for transparency surrounding grants and funding.

Save Time

Road XS comes pre-installed with a number of time saving facilities, namely the click and go interactive interface which saves you having to type out all the passenger and driver details when booking journeys – simply click and go!

Postcode Lookup

With any address in Road XS you can perform a postcode lookup. Simply enter the postcode and select the address. This saves lots of time entering addresses and lookup points. You can also perform a complete address lookup too.

Environmentally Friendly

Users of Road XS ensure their transport services are environmentally friendly.  In February 2018, Road XS achieved the Green Mark certification.  Road XS achieved the certification as it reduces the carbon foot-print of transport providers by:

1) Finding the closest available driver to a passenger, thus reducing mileage and carbon emissions

2) Optimising minibus and dial-a-ride journeys and reducing their carbon footprint on the planet

3) Reducing the fuel consumption of vehicles and optimising fleet selection for particular journeys

4) Operating via environmentally friendly cloud servers reducing the need for energy consuming in-house servers and unnecessary computing power

5) Reducing on-site support mileage via our remotely operated Cloud Refresh updates programme

Complete Support

Road XS comes fully loaded with a support portal which as always adopting based upon community feedback.  The portal enables you to get direct access to support articles and of course, we are also at the end of a phone.

Our Cloud Refresh update service keeps you secure and patched along with access to any of the latest new features without you needing to install any third party software.

Mobility Requirements

Qiuckly add notes on a passengers mobility to ensure the right vehicles arrive to cater for their needs.  Only the correct vehicles and driver will then show as suggestions for that journey.

GDPR Compliance

Road XS ensures you maintain your records securely and for time relevant purposes.  It also ensures you keep your records up to date with reminders, notifications and consent procedures built-in.

Approved Mileage Allowance

Road XS will show you how many miles your volunteer drivers have completed for you to comply with HMRC’s Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAP).  This is important because it affects the mileage charge of your drivers.

Up to 10,000 miles your drivers can claim 45p per mile, but once they go over this they can only claim 25p.  You can find out more here on mileage, fuel rates and allowances.

Within Road XS you can see the total completed mileage by any driver.  It also includes a running tally counting down to 10,000 miles and the 45p claim allowance.  Once the driver has reached this total, the software automatically calculates each journey thereafter for that driver to 25p a mile – ensuring you meet HMRC compliance.

Software and Data Security

Not only does Road XS support you in your GDPR compliance, but it also comes installed with a number of security features and exceeds industry security standards.

This includes two factor authentication, data encrpytion and firewalls built into the software along with secure access protocols.

Cancellation Management

Passengers and drivers cancel journeys – it happens and is all part of the service.  Road XS comes ready equipped for such eventualities and enables you to document why journeys are cancelled and generates a report highlighting the reasons why and when they were cancelled.  This is extremely useful for forward planning during the winter months.

Driver Availability

Driver’s availability is easy to manage either via the admin portal or the driver’s portal.  They can keep you informed easily and save you the time of chasing drivers who are away on holiday.

Road XS will only suggest drivers who are available, local, have an active driver’s license and are not already booked out on another journey.

Frequently Used Locations

Save time by selecting frequently used locations for destinations and waypoints.  Simply add the location to your locations and it will be quickly searchable so you don’t have to keep manually typing out the address or performing a postcode lookup.

Save Passenger Costs

Thanks to Road XS Smart Route technology, each journey finds the closest driver, ensuring your passengers pay less and at the same time, keeps your transport services environmentally friendly.

Secure Remote Working

Your data resides on our secure cloud server.  This means that if you move offices or manage services over a large geographical area, Road XS will operate no matter where you are with an Internet or 3G/4G connection.  Once you are logged in, everything is at your fingertips as if you’ve never moved.

Maximum Travel Distances

Drivers can choose how far they wish to travel to support your transport services.  If a journey booked exceeds the maximum distance that a driver is willing to travel, then they will simply not show up as a suggested driver for the journey.

End User Confidence

Give your users confidence by setting them up with appropriate roles in line with their computing ability.

For example, if they are scared of making a mistake, then ensure they can’t edit any data and let them just manage the phone lines booking the journeys with the click and go features.  If they’re comfortable, let them control your transport services with pre-defined workflows and pre-defined processes so they can’t go wrong.  Road XS caters for all, no matter what their skill level is.

Block Sensitive Journeys

Sometimes for whatever reason a driver or a passenger might not get on or just not want to travel with a particular person.  Road XS enables you to ‘block’ the passenger or driver respectively via the profile page so they won’t show up as a suggested driver.

This keeps everyone happy and saves the awkward conversations.  Neither driver or passenger will know if they have been blocked.

Admin Notes

Keep everyone informed on your transport team of what is going on.  You can add notes per journey, passenger and driver which are only viewable by admin staff.

Innovation with Drive

Our software has never just been about developing software. It’s always been about you, the transport providers and working with you at finding better ways to help you deliver smarter, more accurate and cost saving services. Each update released on Road XS is about giving you the best platform to grow, sustain and enjoy delivering your transport services.

Smart Route Technology

Our Smart Route technology uses clever algorithms, innovations and breakthroughs to ensure the routes planned are the most optimised. Our technology ensures the closest available drivers are selected for the journeys and that bus routes pickup the right passengers in the most efficient manner, saving on fuel and operating costs. Using a combination of mapping engines and advanced algorithms, Road XS provides the most advanced route planning capabilities available.

Cloud Refresh Service

All our software updates are released via the cloud. This means that you continue to operate as normal with no installations required at your end.  Road XS is continually evolving and improving to better serve our customers requirements and feature requests.

Each client operates from the same version (minus client specific customisations), no matter how large or small your operations.  Any reported bugs are dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Pay Tracker

Our payment tracker technology ensures you can track, trace and capture all admin fees, invoices and outstanding payments easily and accurately. Invoices are created in a matter of seconds and our technology allows you to automate the invoice generation process based upon defined time periods as well. With Road XS you can completely transform the way you work and sustain your transport services securely in the cloud.

"We are delighted with Road XS! It allows us to operate far beyond our means and has helped us grow our services. The data produced is just staggering and the updates just get better and better."


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