Road XS is full of hundreds of innovative features to save you time, scale your transport services and remain compliant with the latest in data protection.  Road XS is the fully integrated transport software that gives you the latest technology so that you can stay ahead.

Explore some of the features in Road XS.

Meet the Next-Generation Transport Software

Below are just some of the features you’ll find within the Road XS transport software.  We are constantly improving our software to meet the needs of our users and ensuring they work from the latest technology.

Service Areas

Seamlessly integrate your services

Driver Lookup

Save your passenger’s money


Pinpoint precision and safety


Passenger and driver apps

Driver Portal

Driver navigation and updates

Real-Time Reports

Detailed information instantly

Cloud Technology

Operate from the latest technology

Automated Invoicing

Automatically generate invoices

Road XS Labs

Where innovation meets the road

A beautiful user friendly design to make life easier

Work securely form the most beautifully designed transport software which changes through the day with you. With Road XS you can manage everything securely via the cloud meaning you’re always in control.

road xs admin area with beautiful ui

Built from the cloud up

Road XS lives in the cloud meaning you can access the software securely from anywhere come rain or shine. All of our updates get pushed out via our Cloud Refresh service meaning you have nothing to install and no risky on-site servers making your life super easy.

road xs built for the cloud

Track all of your journeys from start to finish

Track every journey with ease, complete with real-time visual mapping. Each route is optimised saving passenger costs and fuel. Journey routes automatically update when passengers are added or removed in real-time and fully integrate with all your services.

road xs journey tracking feature

Unlimited Users and Vehicles

Most software charge per user, but we don’t want to stand in your way. You can have unlimited admin users, passengers and drivers meaning you can scale your services with ease and remain GDPR compliant too. New volunteer intake?  No problem!

unlimited road xs users - the road xs difference

Find the nearest available drivers in seconds not days

Find the nearest available driver in an instant for any passenger journey. This ensures your passengers pay less and that only drivers with the right vehicles, mobility support and accurate records show up as an option for a journey.

driver lookup road xs

Driver portal with GPS tracking included

The driver portal works across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and even includes GPS tracking. Enable your drivers to allocate themselves to nearby journeys, maintain their records, availability and more, all at their convenience 24/7. Learn more

driver portal road xs

Passenger booking portal

Road XS comes with a passenger portal enabling your passengers to book themselves onto journeys via our friendly chat bot technology which can integrate with WhatsApp, Telegram and more on request.

You can operate your services with complete freedom.

road xs passenger portal with booking bot

Helping the environment

With our technology we are always improving our algoithms to optimise your routes which continues to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

road xs environmental responsibility

Road XS Themes

We believe you should have a bit of fun when managing your services, so throughout your day, our theme will change based on the time of day. Throughout the year the look of the software will also change based on the season or event keeping things fresh and fun all year round!

road xs themes

What3Words integration to locate vehicles

Road XS comes installed with What3Words fully integrated.  This means with GPS switched on you know the last known location of your vehicle and drivers.  This keeps passengers, drivers and crew safe whenever they’re using Road XS.

Communicate easily with driver messaging

Make sure any conversations you have regarding journeys are kept secure and not communicated insecurely via e-mail. You can also send broadcast notifications to all, or a selection of drivers.

Pinpoint locations even for rural locations

Pinpoint your passengers, drivers and destinations with our pinpoint location technology. You can even pinpoint pickup spots so your drivers have all the information they require in an instant, ensuring accurate journey estimates and times.

pinpoint locatons in road xs

Complete route optimisation with smart route technology

Watch your journeys come to life with the instant route planner. Calculate mileage, timings and costs instantly with our smart route technology.

Automated invoicing with full transparency for passengers

Save time manually generating invoices to drivers, passengers and contracts. Road XS can automate the collection of admin fees and mileage for you and includes the option for online payments.

Real-time instant reporting with detailed insights

Road XS collects data in real-time. This assists you at meetings, improves communication and transparency with funders, enhances decisions and can even highlight bottlenecks in your transport services.

Deliver food, medicines, parcels and more

During the COVID-19 pandemic we used our technology to support communities in delivering much needed food supplies, medicines, takeaways, parcels and more. Place orders and watch Road XS optimise your delivery routes so you can deliver more.

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)

Road XS allows you to run fully demand responsive and dial a ride services which respond instantly to passenger demands. Automatically calculating transit times, passenger loading times, vehicle capacity and more, it is the only true automated DRT software.

See how busy your drivers are allocating journeys fairly

Gain insight into how busy a driver is on a particular day when allocating a driver to a journey. This makes sure that not all the drivers are being allocated to journeys, leaving other drivers left in the cold. Make sure everyone’s involved.

Communicate at the right time with do not disturb

Don’t waste time calling unavailable drivers or drivers who are on holiday. With do not disturb mode you know which drivers have chosen not to be disturbed whilst they’re away.

Keep your driver records up to date with reminders too

Retain accurate records and maintain your GDPR compliance with reminders and key data at your fingertips. This ensures your team has all the information to hand when dealing with any situation at any time of day.  Drivers with out of date records are automatically removed from potential journey look ups.

Fully integrate your transport services

Even if you operate more than one transport service you can see in an instant how your services are operating and performing. Take immediate action on the tasks that are the most important to you at any moment.

Grow your scheme with independent service areas

Break down your journeys into service areas so you can gain full control over who has access to which transport services. Use service areas to grow your organisation and services.

Road XS has more than 850 features

Case Study

Red Cross

The Red Cross needed a transport platform that would enable them to grow at scale to kickstart their community transport services. Road XS provides them an integrated transport software meaning they can focus on growing their transport services.