Complete Community Transport Software

Complete Community Transport Software

Road XS is the complete community transport software which is accessible via any internet browser.  The software is built in the latest cloud technologies and means you can operate from anywhere.  The design of the software is fully intuitive and so easy to use that you can complete tasks, schedules, bookings, reports and more in just a few clicks.  Below are some highlighted features of the software…

Journey Tracking

Every journey in the software can be found easily and instantly meaning you know exactly what is happening with that particular journey in a moment.  To hand, you have the passenger details, driver details, journey status, destination, estimated fees and more.  You can also instantly manage your recurring journeys.

Group & Car Share Journeys

Group journeys are handled with ease in Road XS.  You simply click and select which passengers have requested to travel together and Road XS automatically works out their estimated pick-up times and fees.  All details are accounted for in the real-time reports too.

Driver Suggestions

Road XS intelligently works out the closest available driver for a particular journey.  This saves costs for the passengers, reduces wasted phonecalls, admin time and ensures that your drivers are used in the most efficient manner.  You can even see a call audit of which drivers were contacted for journeys.  You also save your passengers money.

Minibus & Dial a Ride

As well a handling car schemes Road XS can handle minibus and dial a ride schemes.  These schemes fully integrate into Road XS which means you don’t have to learn anything new.  You just select which type of journey you are booking and Road XS handles the rest.


Invoices and Payments

We’re pleased to announce that we have now launched our invoicing platform whcih automatically invoices your passengers, drivers and clients. No longer will you need to manually create your invoices, Road XS will do this for you and also chase payments providing you with clear details regarding who owes money.  Via the driver portal your drivers will also see the invoices they have paid and those they haven’t.  You will also be able to custom brand your invoices too; We think you will be truly amazed at how much time and effort you will save with this new feature.

Route Planning

One of the best features of Road XS is the real-time route planning.  Not only can you see the route live on a map, but it also automatically calculates the pickup times and arrival times.  You can also add any stop to your route and it updates right away.  You will also be presented with the optimised route.

Drivers Portal

The Road XS driver portal enables all your drivers to login from anywhere to see their upcoming journeys, real-time traffic, fees due and more.  This feature reduces a lot of admin work for staff and saves cost and time when managing schedules.

Departure Boards

Road XS makes managing journeys easy, especially the real-time departure boards.  You can keep right on top of your schedules with our detailed scheduling boards and know exactly who’s going where and when.  It’s never been easier to see what’s happening next.

In-Depth Reporting

Road XS generates detailed reports for you in real-time.  This improves your decision making and can greatly help you in attaining funding as you can easily prove just how valuable your transport services are to the community.  The data Road XS generates is just amazing.  We know you’ll be impressed.

Key Features of Road XS


Smart Journey Tracking

Track every journey and type with ease complete with real-time mapping.

Passenger & Driver Profiles

Maintain accurate and up to date records of your passengers and drivers.

Fleet Management

Keep detailed records of your vehicles scheduling, records and services.

Smart Routes

Ensure your passengers pay the least amount with optimised routes.

Dial a Ride and Minibusses

Manage your minibusses and dial a ride with optimised passenger routes.

Cancellation Management

Keep detailed records for cancelled journeys to assist funding.

Driver Suggestions

For each journey receive a list of closest drivers to save passenger costs.

Group Journeys

Manage miltiple passengers per journey to increase efficiencies.

Driver Portal

Allow your drivers to login from anywhere and see their journeys in real-time.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time detailed reporting to improve your decision making.

Postcode Look-Up

Save time by using our integrated post-code look-up feature.

Cloud Based

Access your service from anywhere via this cloud based software.

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