Road XS Apps

Road XS support a number of mobile apps including a driver portal app and passenger portal app.  We can also provide custom branded apps upon request.

road xs apps

Services on the Go

With Road XS apps your drivers and passengers can access information about their journeys via their mobile phones, downloadable from the Google Play store and the Apple Store.

road xs driver app

Driver App

  • Navigation: Enable your drivers to use the integrated navigation feature to take them straight to their pickups and passenger destinations.
  • Notifications: Enable notifications so that drivers are kept informed of what’s happening.
  • Real-time updates: When journeys change, they also change in real-time on the driver portal so that drivers have the latest information to hand, your own real-time run sheets.

Passenger App

  • Journey bookings: The Road XS passenger app integrates with the passenger portal, enabling your passengers to book journeys with ease.
  • Profile updates: Allow passengers to keep their information up to date with profile updates and preferences.
  • Notifications: Keep passenger information with booking confirmations, arrival times and more with built-in notifications, meaning all communication about journey updates happens in real time.
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travel derbyshire branding

Custom Apps

  • Your brand: Have your own branded transport apps available to your passengers and drivers with your logo.
  • White label: White label your transport services so that passengers and drivers interact in a familiar environment.
  • Metadata your way: Brand the apps your way so that passengers and drivers can find apps under your name in the related stores for their devices.
  • No ID to remember: Custom apps are built to your instance meaning there is no need to remember your custom ID, the app loads directly in your name.


We have some answers about Road XS mobile apps:

What is an App?

The app, short for application, is a piece of software that you download onto your mobile device from your mobile device store, such as Google Play or Apple.

Once installed, it means you can easily access services on the go via your mobile phone and through a WiFi or 4G/5G connection.

In terms of Road XS, this means drivers can access journey information, navigate to their destination and update transport teams and passengers with their latest location en route.

For passengers, it means they can easily book journeys even when booking offices are shut, and receive updates about their journeys booked too.

Apps allow additional technology such as push-messages which enable you to push out announcements directly to your users mobile devices so they can’t miss the latest updates.

Where can I download the Apps and do they work on Androis and IOS?

You can download the apps via the Google Play store or Apple store available on your mobile device.

The Apps work on both Android devices and Apple devices.

How do apps benefit our services?

The benefits to your services include:

  • Enabling drivers to keep up to date with their journeys in real-time – no need for paper copies.
  • Real-time information updates to passengers and drivers.
  • The ability for your services to operate even outside office booking times.
  • A more convenient way for passengers and drivers to use your services.
  • A much more user-friendly and modern service provision.
What are custom apps?

Custom apps are apps which can be branded and named to your service.

So for example, rather than have drivers search for the ‘Road XS driver portal’, they could search for ‘Travel Derbyshire on Demand driver portal’ and it will show up to download.

The logos can also be changed to your branding so that customers have greater reassurance that they have downloaded the right app in relation to your services.

It can also help give a great impression of the quality of your transport services.

Are apps updated?

We keep the apps up to date with the latest build requirements from Apple and Google to ensure all apps remain compliant and secure.

This includes providing improvements over time and feature updates.

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