Automated Invoicing

Generating, tracking and collecting payment for your transport services with complete transparency.

road xs automated invoicing
automated invoice creation

Automate your invoicing

  • Automated invoice creation: Road XS can generate your invoices automatically at specific timeframes set by you.
  • Complete transparency: Road XS generates invoices from the journeys created in your system and links them to passengers, drivers and contracts. This means each automated journey links directly to a journey.
  • Customised settings: You can choose what to set in your invoice automation such as remittence, driver fees,  mileage fees and more.

Collecting payments

  • Track all invoices: You can track all invoice payments to ensure you always get paid.
  • Take payment online: We can offer you the ability to take payment online using payment processors including Square and PayPal.
  • Customised payment instructions: You can add payment instructions on your invoices such as BACS details so that your passengers can choose to pay the best way for them.
  • Reminders: You can choose where you want Road XS to send out invoice reminders for late payment.
collecting payments
driver claim mileage

Mileage and additional fees

  • Covering mileage expenses: You can choose to use the automated Road XS mileage estimates but also allow drivers to override mileage incase they took a different route so that they are never out of pocket.
  • Additional fees: You can easily add additional fees to invoices if required.
  • Invoice breakdowns: You can provide a single invoice or a breakdown invoice showing all the journeys which have been handled.


We have some answers about Road XS automated invoicing:

Is the invoicing really automated?

Yes.  It will run for the timeframe you set e.g. the beginning of the month or whatever date you choose and when the timeframe hits it will automatically create all of your invoices overnight.

How do we track payments?

If you accept payment online each payment received will have a transaction ID and be sent into your linked bank account.

If you don’t take online payment, when the invoices are generted, when you receive payment you can search via invoice ID or passenger, driver or contract name and mark them off as paid.

How does it work?

Within Road XS we have a number of finance settings.  One of these is an automated invoicing setting. 

In here, you simply setup when you want the invoicing to run and for what contracts.

Do you integrate with Quickbooks, Sage or Xero?

At the moment Road XS doesn’t directly integrate through an API, but this is becoming a popular request.  However, what providers currently do (which works well) is export the invoice data from one of our reports for just this purpose, and import this via CSV into the related accounting software.

Do we have to use this feature?

No.  As with everything in Road XS, you can pick and choose the features you wish to use. The software will still operate fully.

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