Driver Lookup

Instantly find the nearest available driver in real-time for your car scheme, saving your passengers paying any additional mileage.

road xs driver lookup feature

Choose from a List of Drivers Who Can Handle the Journey

Save time from calling and emailing drivers who can’t do journeys and pick from a list that can.  We only show drivers who can do the journey and have all of their required records up to date.

driver lookup status

Instantly find a driver

  • Instant driver lookup: For any car scheme journey, simply press allocate driver and in a matter of a second you will be presented with the nearest available drivers for that journey to choose from.
  • The most suitable: Not only does Road XS check driver records are up to date but it will also ensure the driver have the right vehicle to handle the journey too.
  • Block drivers: If a passenger doesn’t get on with a driver you can block them from showing for any of their trips automatically.

Save time and costs

  • Reduce costs to passengers: Road XS saves your passengers money by removing unnecessary driver mileage by finding the nearest available to the passenger.
  • Save time: Only contact the drivers who are actually available and prevent hours of wasted time.
  • Ensure compliance: We will only show the drivers with valid driving records such as MOTs, insurance, driving licenses etc. We also directly check the vehicles with the DVLA with our integration.
driver lookup records
road xs calendar booking

Share the load

  • See who’s already busy: See which drivers are already handling journeys to share the load of journeys between your pool of drivers.
  • Get more from your pool of drivers: Allow drivers who are waiting to do short local trips whilst they wait for a passenger at an appointment.
  • Driver options: Allow drivers the option of doing long journeys or short journeys so they are only allocated to journeys which suit their lives as well as letting them set when they wish to drive.


We have some answers about the community car scheme driver lookup technology:

What does the driver lookup technology do?

When your journey is in driver pending status, at the press of a button Road XS will show you a list of the nearest available drivers on the basis of:

  • Being available (not on other journeys at the time or marked as unavailable in the calendar).
  • Having all valid driving records up to date and vehicle records.
  • Matching the length of journey requested.
  • Not being blocked by the passenger.
  • Having the appropriate vehicle to meet mobility needs.
  • and more…

The algorithm does everyting in a matter of seconds meaning you can find drivers for passengers in a matter of seconds not days.

What if a driver doesn't show up in the list?

If a driver isn’t showing up in the list, then it usually means they are either busy or some of their records have expired and need checking.  It could also mean the driver doesn’t meet the criteria for the passenger or journey needs.

We provide a checklist you can go through to check everything is all ok so there’s no need to worry.

We show an initial list of drivers and you can also press load more to load even more drivers who might be further away form the passenger location.

We show the nearest at the top and the furthest away at the bottom along with all estimated mileage and time based on choosing that driver so the passenger can be kept informed.

Can drivers allocate themselves to journeys?

If you enable the option in settings, then drivers can allocate themselves to journeys via the driver portal based on the raidus distance set by you from their home location.

If you don’t want them to allocate themselves you simply leave this option disabled.

Can drivers set their own availability?

Yes. Road XS has a really simple, interactive calendar that drivers can use to say when they wish to be available for journeys.  This can be set per day or even per 15 minute slots.  It’s highly intuitive and means you don’t waste time ringing drivers who can’t do the journeys requested.

How long does it take?

About half to one second for the algorithm to execute.  It really is quick and it will look at all of the drivers in the system no matter how many you have.

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