Road XS Labs

Pushing the boundaries with our technology, innovation and features.  It all starts with R&D.

road xs labs innovation and technology

Where Innovation Meets the Road

Our transport software is the most user-friendly. In order to make and keep things simple, we continuously innovate.  We’re shaping the future of transport and by using Road XS you can too.

road xs responsive algorithms

Responsive algorithms

  • Real-time route optimisation: Our state-of-the-art smart route technology automates the entire calculation process in a matter of milliseconds, freeing you from outdated manual estimates. 
  • Always learning and evolving: Using advanced machine learning techniques, it continuously evolves, ensuring your passengers and services benefit from unparalleled optimisation, efficiency and reduced vehicle emissions.
  • Driver and vehicle lookup: Road XS encompasses cutting-edge lookup technology, engineered to seamlessly locate the “nearest available” drivers and vehicles for passenger journeys.  This sophisticated algorithm eliminates the need for manual intervention, optimising operational efficiency while rigorously ensuring compliance.

Human-centric by design

  • Human behavioural design: The simplicity of Road XS doesn’t happen by chance, but through carefully engineered processes that we constantly innovate.
  • Behavioural thinking: Road XS is always evolving as we meet the changing needs of the transport sector and assess why people do things the way they do to make things better.
  • Staying useful: By constantly innovating we always seek ways to become even more helpful with new features and improvements.
road xs human centric by design
shape the future of transport with road xs technology

Impact the future of transport with Road XS

  • Our community: We are always working to meet the needs of our community of users. We seek feedback on ways to make people’s lives easier. This shapes the future and ensures we are building software that supports you long into the future even as technology changes.
  • Shaping the future: By learning what the industry needs, seeking feedback and applying our technology skills, together we are building a brighter future for everyone.


We have some answers about Road XS Labs:

What is Road XS Labs all about?

Roads XS Labs is where the magic happens. It’s where we come up with ideas and play with concepts that help make a brighter future for transport operators.

We do this through prototyping and inviting our user base to feedback on early developments so that we can shape our designs into workable solutions to real-world problems.

We don’t just innovate for the sake of innovating but focus on solving some of society’s greatest problems with transport.

What are some examples of the impact of Road XS Labs?

One of the biggest outcomes from Road XS labs and our drive to innovate is our DRT technology.

Starting in 2018, we continuously iterated the DRT algorithm and rules based on real-world scenarios and passenger convenience, until we launched the public version in early 2024.

Another example would be the driver and vehicle lookup technology deployed on the platform and the user-friendly design and simplicity of the Road XS software as a whole.

More ground-breaking innovations are coming soon!

Isn't Road XS Labs just about releasing new features?

Sometimes,  yes.  But it’s also about the bigger picture, how the building blocks fit together and how we can make everything as seamless and user-friendly as possible.

What role does the Road XS community play?

We value our users and those who stick by us.

In return, we listen and keep improving the software based on their feedback.

This means the software you use keeps getting better and better and never stands still as we continue to meet the needs of our users today and tomorrow.

How do we know what's new from the Road XS Labs?

We keep users updated with messages inside our software and via our website. You can never miss a major update.

Packed Full of Innovative Features and Technology for the Road Ahead

Road XS arrives as an innovative, cloud-based platform which is accessible from anywhere.  Take a look at what's possible with Road XS...