Road XS generates real-time reports so that you have a wealth of information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

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Advanced reporting

  • Detailed real-time reports: At any moment you can visit the Road XS reports section and generate detailed reports for anything you need.
  • Build reports within reports: Break down the information so that you see what you need to see at the most comprehensive level. We have over 100 reports for your to explore.
  • Exportable data to CSV: You can export all of our reports into CSV format to enable you to present information in a number of ways.
  • Charts: Road XS produces detailed charts with key information displayed with complete clarity.

Support your funding bids

  • Innovative reporting: We have a number of specific reports which can support funding bids such as our postcode groups and district reporting so that you can present information for specific areas and show the impact your transport services is having.
  • Break your services down: With Road XS you can choose to see the whole big picture, or break your reports down into specific services and service areas.  This allows you to compare key performance metrics.
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A wealth of data

  • Wide-ranging reporting capabilities: We offer the widest range of reports covering numerous needs of transport operators.
  • Evolving data requirements: As the needs of the Road XS community evolve we often update our reports to reflect the latest data requirements from public authorities.
  • Custom reports: We can on request build custom reports or build upon existing reports for specific report requirements you might.


We have some answers about Road XS reports:

How do I generate reports in Road XS?

It’s really easy. All you do is access the reports from the main menu (if your user role allows for it) and you can see all of the reports, generated automatically in real time.

Can we control who sees reports?


We have some transport operators for example who allow trustees into their instance of Road XS and all they can see is the reports area, nothing else.

What do you mean by reports within reports?

A lot of the reports in Road XS are more than one report in one. 

What this means, is that before you generate these types of reports you set the paramaters you want to view, such as the transport service type, date range, drivers, passengers, vehicles, service area, contract etc.

This allows you to get access to the exact information you need to see when you need to see it.

You can then export this information if you need to as well into a CSV format, which can then be opened in software like Microsoft Excel.

How do your reports support funding applications?

Everything in the reports in Road XS links back to a journey.  This means everything is fully transparent.

So, if you want to show how many journeys you have done in a particular area you can.  This means for example, if a Parish council has provided you with funding you can show them exactly the number of journeys you have done, average cancellations, total mileage, active passengers in the area and more! All from just one of our reports.

This has allowed transport operators on Road XS to win contracts and expand their funding.

Because Road XS is fully transparent you can be completely honest with your funders and contracts.

Can you build custom reports?

Yes we can.  Very often we will make sure the workflows are all in place and that you are capturing the required information, and then from this we can report on anything and present the data in a user friendly dashboard.

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