Service Areas

Expand or seamlessly incorporate your transportation services to enhance connectivity in your local community or across broader geographic regions.

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Connecting Communities

Bring together organisations within your local community allowing them to book journeys only for their passengers.

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Integrated services

  • One platform: Bring transport services together under one roof covering wide geographic areas be it counties, districts or islands.
  • Grow your services: Quickly open up new services or operate new contracts at the click of a button.
  • Community integration: Expand your transport services into the local community allowing them to book journeys.
  • Customise services: Customise your service areas with colours and data controls.

Partitioned data access

  • Advanced data access controls: Provide access to only the information users need to see, be it passengers, drivers or vehicles.
  • Assign teams: Allocate admin members only to the services areas they need meaning they only see the journeys they need to.
  • Community access: Allow medical centres, community groups and more to book jourrneys.
  • Detailed, real-time reporting: Reports on all your services from one single platform.
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We have some answers about the Service Area feature:

What are 'Service Areas' in Road XS?

Service areas allow you to split your services up into areas and then allocate resources to them, such as transport teams, drivers, passengers and vehicles. They enable you to branch out and yet still remain in control of everything.

You can scale your services across a large geographical area, such as county councils.  You can even run commercial services from anywhere in the country e.g. be stationed in London but running services in Cornwall or Scotland.

Road XS is your complete platform.

Can I really run everything from one platform?

With Road XS you can. 

For example, you could have a whole county running multiple services but with service areas you can partition the services into areas and allocate the relevant services to the related teams and resources.

This means you can get detailed reports on the whole area in real-time and quickly switch services on and off as required.

How easy is it to integrate into the wider community?

By creating a service area you can then allocate people to that resource. 

So, for example, you could have a GP surgery setup as a service area, and their reception could book their patients into return journeys for appointments there and then.

Or, you could have a community group, and assign the management team to book journeys in for their members.

There are so many different ways you can use service areas in Road XS.

Can you explain what you mean by 'Integrated Services'?

By integrated services, we mean that you can operate everything from one place.

This means you could operate a DRT service, but at the same time also operate a community car scheme.  You could operate a commercial patient transport service whilst at the same time still operate a delivery service.

You simply login to one place.

How do we easily identify services in the software?

Within Road XS we use different transport service icons and colours to differentiate which service you are working in.  On the journey overview screen we also show you too.

Users will only see journeys they have been assigned to, so sometimes they will only know one way, other times they will see multiple services.

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