Software as a Service

Road XS is built from the cloud up. The whole platform is built for the cloud, meaning everything is available to you online with nothing to install on-site or your PC other than a browser.

The software keeps getting better over time with updates pushed out via our Cloud Refresh service automatically.

This is known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

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Updates via Cloud Refresh

All of the Road XS updates get pushed out via our Cloud Refresh service.  You have nothing to install and no risky on-site servers to manage, reduced IT costs and associated worry.

Road XS  makes your life easy.

available securely anywhere

Available anywhere

  • Work securely from where you need to: Work from the office or home, the choice is yours.  Experience the same software no matter where you need to work.
  • Cloud security: With numerous security features built in and using the latest in cloud technology, you can operate Road XS from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Your own Road XS instance: Road XS runs in your own pod, meaning you won’t share your data with anyone else, it’s yours and yours alone.

The power of cloud

  • Save costs: Save on your hardware costs by using any device that connects to the internet. The processing happens in the cloud opening up brand-new opportunities and passenger convenience.
  • Be flexible and responsive: Scale up or down your services as you need to with the Road XS elastic cloud meaning we can respond to your needs.
  • Consistent performance: With just an internet connection, power your services no matter where you are and stay connected.
  • Secure: Receive the latest security updates and standards to your device automatically and deploy on the latest best-in-class server security.
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Security Built-In

Our software is built with security in mind and offers industry leading security features.


We have some answers about the Road XS cloud technology which underpins the software:

What is the cloud?

The cloud refers to servers which are accessed over the Internet.

In the ‘olden days’ you would have a server on-site, managed by an IT team, but as the Internet speeds increased, this opened up the door to having remote access to resources meaning the hassle of managing your IT was removed.

Now, with software such as Road XS, all the technical aspects are handled for you meaning all you have to do is use the software and not worry about anything else.

All you need is an Internet connection.

How secure is the cloud?

Believe it or not, cloud services offer greater protection against cyberattacks than other options because it’s backed up regularly and stored off-site. These services are also monitored for suspicious activity 24/7.

Servers on site are seldom updated as quickly as they need to be as engineers have to be on site for this to happen, whereas cloud servers are updated almost instantly and rolled out across the network instantly.

How does a cloud service benefit our services?

There are several benefits which include but are not limited to:

  • Cost: Save on your IT hardware by no longer needing a server.
  • Convenience: Don’t worry about the technical issues, leave it to your service provider.
  • Scalability: Grow your services with ease without the need to install extra resources or experience any downtime to set up new partitions.
  • On-going updates: Receive software updates and new features instantly without needing to do a thing.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Get access to the latest cutting-edge technology including the latest in route optimisation, communications, security and more.
  • Fast deployment: Get up and running quickly without time-consuming setups and hassle.
  • Reduced training: Everything is available online meaning you don’t have to have a lot of training to get up and running.

Welcome to the future.

What if the Internet goes down?

Sometimes the Internet can go down. But you don’t need to worry. Everything is secured online meaning you can move to a new location that has stable internet and carry on as normal.

You can even use 4G and 5G connections with no issues such as by tethering to your mobile phone on the move too.

With Internet available almost anywhere and unlimited mobile phone data plans, no longer do you need to remain in one place – unless you need to lock down to a specific location (which we can also set up for additional security).

Do I need to worry about security?

Whilst the physical security of the servers and cloud environment is taken care of for you, you will still need to manage some simple security procedures including:

  • Using strong passwords and good password hygiene.
  • Not passing on your passwords to anyone else.
  • Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your devices.
  • Having a secure password to login to your physical device which will be using Road XS.
  • Locking your device when you walk away from it.

Just like you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked when you walk out, you need to be disciplined in how you manage your technology.

Road XS has security built in but it’s good practice to maintain strong security disciplines in your organisation at work and in your personal life as well.

We also advise our community and users on best practices too as a courtesy.

Packed Full of Innovative Features and Technology for the Road Ahead

Road XS arrives as an innovative, cloud-based platform which is accessible from anywhere.  Take a look at what's possible with Road XS...