Road XS seamlessly integrates with What3Words, enabling you to precisely pinpoint pick-up, drop-off, and location details with unparalleled accuracy.

road xs integration with what3words

Pinpoint Precision, Enhancing Passenger and Driver Safety

Road XS uses Google Maps as it’s mapping engine, but Google doesn’t always get every location right. With What3Words you can overide anything Google doesn’t understand, but also know where your drivers are with real-time GPS updates.

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pinpoint accuracy with Road XS

Laser-like precision

  • Pinpoint locations: Make sure everything is precisely accurate including pickup locations, drop-offs and locations anywhere in the world.
  • Override Google Maps: Pinpoint locations even when Google Maps hasn’t quite caught up to the latest housing developments or can’t find an obscure rural location.
  • Increase your accuracy: Show drivers exactly where they need to be and provide accurate mileage and timing estimates with integrated navigation included.
  • Provide accurate drop-off details: Make sure drivers arrive at the correct drop-off location on large sites such as hospitals.

Improve safety

  • Know where your passengers are: Road XS will show you the last known location of your passengers via the driver portal.
  • Know the exact spot: Save time giving directions by directing your drivers precisely where they need to be avoiding any confusion.
  • Arrive safely: Make sure your pickups and drop-offs are at safe locations so that your passengers can be fully cared for.
  • Direct Navigation: The Road XS driver portal will take your drivers right where they need to be with our integrated navigation.
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We have some answers about the What3Words integration within Road XS:

What is What3Words?

What3Words has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each one a unique identifier made from three words.

In the past you would give a longitude and latitude number to pinpoint a location, now, if you typed in or said fond, sting grin (///fond.sting.grin), you would be taken to Chipping Campden Market Hall.

3 words are much easir to communicate with over messaging, radios and any form of communication for that matter. It’s what has made What3Words so popular and widespread.

It litrally can save your life.

Find out more here.

How does it work in Road XS?

For any location, be it a passenger address, driver location, stored location and even the last known location of a vehicle, you can pinpoint it with What3Words.

How does this benefit our services?

Sometimes you might have typed in an address and Google has got it completely wrong, or can’t find it.

No problem. 

You simply select find with What3Words, choose the exact location and save this in Road XS.  Journeys are then calculated from this location.

This is really helpful for new housing development, rural locations and obscure locations.

Drivers are then informed of the precise pickup and drop-off locations and can navigate straight there with the integrated navigation.

You no longer need to give directions if you don’t want to.  As long as you pin the right square, Road XS will take you there.

Not only this, it means your mileage and timings are more accurate than they have ever been.  This helps funders and anyone who relies on the data you produce to put you ahead of the rest.

This helps create complete transparency about the mileage undertaken on any journey.

Does it cost extra?

No.  What3Words is included in Road XS for all.

Does it work with GPS?

Yes.  When a driver enables their location via the driver portal app, their last known location will show up on the journey overview with the What3Words address.  This means in the worst case scenarios, if they have an accident you know exactly where they are.

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