Go Paperless with Road XS

A key feature of Road XS is it’s ability to turn any community transport provider into a paperless operation and operational from a secure, green cloud environment.  It’s also a way of working greener and doing your iit for the environment.  Here’s 10 ways in which going paperless will benefit your community transport services:

Access to Anything, Anywhere

Road XS operates best from desktop and tablet devices.  This means that you can access your operations from anywhere on a wifi network (ie home or the office) or from a 3G or 4G enabled device or dongle.  Everything is at your fingertips when operating from Road XS.

No Lost Papers

You no longer have to look for that piece of paper for that required journey information.  Simply search for a passenger, driver, journey ID or telephone number from the intelligent search feature and you’re off!  It’s a matter of seconds.  The action board even brings you up to speed on your key and pressing tasks.

Automated Workflows

Road XS works hard behind the scenes to ensure you have automated processes.  You no longer have to email or pass on information to colleagues, they can see everything on their screen too!

Single Data Entry

You only have to enter data once in Road XS.  All passenger details are stored in the passenger app and integrated throughout the entire system.  Same goes for journeys and drivers.

Instant Reports

You no longer need to manually create reports – this is done completely for you (see more about this here).


Thanks to the single point of data entry, you can add and track journeys into the system really fast.  There’s no need to put the phone down and make a note, it’s all there for you in one place.

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Remote Working

Left an important file at the office?  Can’t find that vital bit of information?  It doesn’t matter, because with Road XS you can work remotely from the office.  It also enables you to seamlessly expand your services without increase infrastructure costs.

Improved Service

Once you’ve handled one journey you can move right onto the next.  It saves so much time and your services will benefit as a result.

Increased Process Controls

Road XS allows for Access Controls (ACL).  This means that you can enable staff to perform their jobs smarter by allowing them access to only the items they need access to.  This helps prevent data loss and information overload as well as security.

Increased Security

Anyone can pickup a paper document and read sensitive information.  With Road XS you need to know where and how to login.  It secures your vital information.

Road XS is a cloud based transport management software.  Why not request a demo here


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