How Road XS Defeats Using a Spreadsheet Every Day

Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel have their place, but they are not a smart solution for running community transport services from.  It opens you up to inaccurate data, human error and security issues.

Maintain compliance and work efficiently and cost effectively...

Here’s 10 reasons why Road XS will always outperform a spreadsheet solution:

Road XS is Developed for Community Transport Providers

Road XS has been solely developed for community transport providers and we understand the ins and outs of community transport processes.  Not only do we understand how community transport providers work, but our growing online community feedback feature requests so the software continues to get better and better, enabling you to become ever greater at delivering your services.

Work Securely from Multiple Locations

A spreadsheet ties you down to one working location and one user.  With Road XS you can operate from multiple locations thanks to the cloud technology deployed.  It means you can see at an instant beautiful reports, departure boards and all the key information at your fingertips which reduces your stress levels and keeps you on top of things.  With spreadsheets all you end up with are multiple tabs and multiple data sets.

Real-Time Accurate Reporting

Road XS generates real-time, clear and accurate high-level reporting so that you can get the key information at your fingertips in an instant – yes even right down to the minute!  This greatly enhances planning and real-time decision making and keeps you fully in control.  In Excel you would have to generate all this reporting by hand and it wouldn’t look as pretty.

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Calculations That Work

When using a spreadsheet package such as Excel you will likely use formulas.  However, how do you know if one of those formulas has gone wrong?  With Road XS you get all the mathematical back-end for accurate reporting and journey estimates is done for you.

Bring Your Journeys to Life

With a spreadsheet you have no visual representation of the journey being undertaken.  This means you also don’t accurately receive journey cost and time estimates nor can you build a real-time route with way-points even while the passenger is on the phone.  With Road XS, this is all done in a matter of seconds!

Audit Trails and Access Controls Built In

No spreadsheet will provide you with an audit trail.  With Road XS you receive a complete audit trail on everything relating to the journey.  Of course you also have access control rights so you can control who has access to what information.

High Level Security as Standard

Security is built into Road XS right from the moment you login.  This ensures you can work safely and securely as well as collaboratively to grow and sustain your services.  It means you can work flat out and get more done together.  »we take data security very seriously and ensure you remain compliant with the forthcoming »data protection legislative updates in 2018.

Manage Invoices and Payments with Ease

With Road XS you can quickly send off your invoices and track payments – not something you can do within a spreadsheet because each invoice would need to be manually created.  With Road XS this is all integrated.  We’ve even developed online payment options for you too.

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Accurate Data Sets

With Road XS all the data is instantly updated.  This means you haven’t got to worry about whether you are working on the latest version of the software.  With a spreadsheet you never know if you are operating off the master copy and God forbid that main copy is over-written.

Data Accuracy and Compliance

With a spreadsheet you must constantly input the passenger information and open up yourself to in accurate information which puts your potentially at great risk of breaching the data protection act and the new GDPR regulations.  With Road XS you can keep all your passenger and driver information updated instantly even as you create the journey!  You can even export your data and keep it offline for added assurances – so long as you secure the storage of the data once it’s offline.

Road XS offers the most user-friendly, complete and secure community transport experience.  Why not »get in touch with us today for a trial or an online demo and see how Road XS can take your community transport services to the next level.


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