How to Clear Your Browser Cache

When you surf the internet your browser is remembering little bits of the websites you visit so that the next time you go back to the website or continue browsing the site elements which are similar are already pre-loaded – offline.  This offline memory is what’s known as your browser cache (pronounced browser ‘cash’).  This helps speed up your browsing experience and helps web pages load faster.

The Internet Browsers covered in this article are:

– Internet Explorer 11 (please update your to Edge if you still use this)
– Microsoft Edge
– Mozilla Firefox
– Google Chome

For example, very often the site logo will show top left and instead of loading the site logo each time you browse a page, the logo will be placed into the cache.  Google also ranks a faster loading website better and caching is one method of achieving this for better search engine ranking.

However, the problem with the browser cache is that when an update comes out or web pages are changed, unless the cache is cleared you will still see either all or aspects of the old website.  This can sometimes cause problems with logins or people not seeing the latest version of a web-based software or web page.  Another occurrence is that often browsers will store your usernames and password (if you allow them) and if you then change them, these old passwords are remembering, and they continually log you in with the wrong username and password.  This is known as storing your from data and it’s good practice to clear this often too to prevent people from accessing secured websites on your computer if they had access to your desktop or laptop.

Essentially, the browser can be helpful but in equal measure equally very annoying.  No doubt when you speak to a ‘techy’ the first thing they will say is “have you cleared your browser cache?”.  You might be left thinking the what?  What’s that, how do I do that?  Well the good news is it’s very simple and doesn’t take a moment but can save a lot of headaches.

We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome but if you like using the Microsoft Browsers then make sure you are using the newer version to Intenet Explorer, Microsoft Edge.

What Does Clearing the Browser Cache Actually Do?

When you clear your browser cache, all it means is you are removing everything from memory on the computer and forcing the browser to reload everything from new.  This should be your first step if you find a favourite website of yours or web-based software (such as Road XS) you use isn’t working or logging in properly.

Here’s how you do it depending on which browser you are using:

Internet Explorer (we recommend updating to Edge)

1) Click the Tools menu (or click the gear icon in the upper right of the Internet Explorer window)

2) Then the Internet Options menu item

3) In the resulting dialog box, under Browsing History

4) Finally, click the Delete button.

We recommend always setting to clear your browser cache on exit.

Clearing the Cache of Microsoft Edge

1) Select the Hub icon (three horizontal lines at top bar in front of a star),

2)  lick the History menu option, and then click Clear history.

NOTE: You can also access this menu by holding Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Clearing Firefox Browser Cache

1) Click on the menu button in the upper right corner.

2) Select Options

3) In the Privacy section, click on Clear your recent history.

4) From the drop-down menu next to Time range to clear, selecting Everything,

5) Then click on Clear Now.

We also recommend setting Firefox to ‘Never remember your history’.  This will always clear the cache when you open and close the browser.  It’s also a little more secure.

Clearing Google Chrome’s Browser Cache

On your computer, open Chrome

1) At the top right, click More

2) Click More tools and then Clear browsing data

3) At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.

4) Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.

5) Click Clear data.

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