How Road XS Enables Remote Working and Increases Your Teamwork

When we started development of Road XS in June 2016, little did we know the impact that first step would have on community transport services.  Fast forward to 2018, and Road XS has handled almost 200,000 journeys and counting.  The impact on those passengers lives is immeasurable, but one thing’s for sure, the remote capability and streamlining of core community transport processes within Road XS has helped transform the way transport teams work together including increasing staff morale.

No matter where you are, your teams can login to Road XS via any internet browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Edge.  Immediately, any team member can access the transport journeys they have been allocated to manage.  This proved invaluable during the heavy snowfall and harsh winter we had at the end of 2017 into 2018.  Despite journeys being cancelled (which was all tracked through Road XS in reports), teams were still able to schedule and allocate drivers for future journeys and quickly reschedule cancelled journey all from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  This kept community transport services safely operational and allowed a lot of transport teams to catch up on tasks.

Your transport office can operate from anywhere…

With Road XS operationally secure in the cloud, it means the software is available on-demand whenever you need it.  All data is stored in our secure data centres (see  Gone are the days where you need to chase paper with Road XS.  Your transport office can operate from anywhere and is always improving with the Road XS Cloud Refresh service.  We take care of the updates for you with no installation required at your end.

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The interesting thing with Road XS is, despite being able to work remotely, when you are on site or in your office, you are accessing the same software.  So despite your surroundings changing, when you login from home or another remote location, really, you’re just changing the scenery.  One of our team actually logged in on their Surface Tablet on the beach via 4G just to prove you can actually operate form the beach.  Fortunately the sand didn’t get into the device, but they made their point!  ‘Life’s a beach’ with Road XS.  Road XS enables your teams to work collaboratively no matter where you are.  All team members can leave admin notes, pinned notes and provide further details on a journey.  It keeps everyone in sync with what’s happening with their transport servivces – even if the weather’s bad.

So not only does Road XS make your life easier and your services completely manageable like no other, it also allows you the convenience of a change of scenery.  One thing we should point out however, is despite the ability to remote work, those who would like additional security, we can also lock Road XS down to specific IP addresses so you can only work from specific locations.  So don’t worry – we have that covered too (for increased security)!

Where will you work?….with Road XS, community transport software.


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Jun 11, 2018 | Learning