Benefits of Analysing Your Data

May 8, 2018 | Insights

Recently there has been a lot of bad press relating to how companies collect and use the data of their customers.  It needs to be stressed that this isn’t the norm.  The examples in the press highlight ways in which data is being used immorally for competitive gain and the world is just starting to wake up to such practices.  Despite the scaremongering going on surrounding GDPR, GDPR is actually a good thing.  It helps prevent the horror stories you see in the papers and ensures companies and organisations comply with data protection regulations.

One of the biggest frustrations in the past 12 months has been this concept of ‘Fake News’.  It’s stemmed really from marketing initially and then into the press. Shocking headlines to get you hooked, and studies conducted by ‘experts’ who are never verified.  The worst of these stories are added as clickbait on the Internet to ensure you read the latest study supporting a particular product.  Marketing is about getting people’s attention and it worked.  Then others tried it and before you know if we don’t know fact from fiction.  Then in 2016 along came The Donald…it doesn’t matter whether you love or hate him, he knew how to use it to his advantage (maybe even with a little help – time will tell).  But enough about that…

“Data collection used in the right way is a complete game changer”

Fake news and GDPR have got many worried about what data they can hold and whether it is even ethical to do so anymore.  Managed in the right way it is – because it’s your services data.  If you misuse it against your privacy policies and procedures, that’s when things go wrong.

For example, at Road XS we never sell on the data to anyone else (which is what was happening in the headlines).  We only seek to give you the best possible information to support your decision making and funding.  We use your data (we are only the data processors) to save you time so that you don’t need to manually create the reports and we use your feedback to improve our reporting so that you can spend time running your services in the most efficient manner possible.

Road XS Performance Report

Get Answers to Big Questions Instantly

Within Road XS we provide you the raw data of your services in lovely readable charts that you can interact with to bring your data to life.  It’s not fake, it’s real and it all works in real-time.  What you do with the reporting information thereafter is up to you, but it’s our job to provide you the facts so that you can present your services to the world in a factual and professional manner.  That’s using data in the right way as it helps you answer questions such as:

Lift Share Demystified

Why did we have so many cancellations this month?

Which is our busiest day?

How many journeys have been completed for one client vs another?

How many journeys have been completed in that area?

Which is our busiest office and service area?

Are our journeys actually increasing?

Do we have enough drivers to cover demand?

Which passenger cancels the most?

Where is our most popular destinations?

Which driver has driven the most miles for us?

Which drivers have exceeded the 45p a mile annual mileage and payments?

What fees are owed?

How does one postcode area compare to another?

Who’s our busiest passenger?

How many journeys did we complete this quarter versus last?

How many journeys still need a driver allocating?

Which is the most efficient service?


Road XS Cancellation ReportThese are all questions and more that we can answer using data.  Helpful right?  The truth is, data collection used in the right way is a complete game changer.  It’s also how you can use software to your advantage.  So don’t be scared when you analyse your data.  Most of the time it’s trend data and not related to any individual subject and it can make a BIG difference to your services.  For example, one of our clients had an increase of 107% in transport demand in just one year.  The data highlighted the need to increase their volunteer driver numbers – so that’s what they did!  That’s data being used the right way, but you never hear about the good things do you!

Here’s some more reasons how data reporting can assist your services:

Anticipating Demand and Needs

Your services are always under pressure to deliver transport required to the right place at the right time.  Your are under constant pressure not only to ensure the passengers arrive safely but also to learn about their individual needs.  You need to adopt and sustain a long term working relationship with them so that they can feel comfortable with your services and trust you

Giving Yourself the Best Chance of Funding

Without accurate information relating to your services you can’t provide accurate funding requests.  With the right information surrounding all aspects of your services you can confidently request the finances you require to keep your services operational.  You can also provide examples of the impact your services are having on the local community year on year.  That’s valuable data.

Delivering the Right Services

By interrogating your data you can discover whether you are providing the right services in the right areas and to the right people.  This helps with your decision making and ensures your funding goes further than it would otherwise.  You can highlight those passengers who need further support and those that perhaps don’t need to lean as heavily as you first thought on your support.  You can use data capture to ensure your passengers are getting first rate services from you no matter what time of day as you learn about them, building confidence and trust in the process.

Personalising Your Services via Your Data

Your services need to be able to react in real-time.  With Road XS you can ensure your customer feel completely valued by showing them just how much you care by reacting in real-time to their needs and being able to report directly on how your services are used to validate your funding.  Being able to react in real time and makes your passengers feel personally valued.  Data offers the opportunity for interactions to be based on the personality of the passenger, by understanding their attitudes and considering factors such as real-time location to help deliver personalisation in a multi-channel service environment.

Improving the Passenger Experience

Poor management of operations can and will lead to untold costly issues, including a significant risk of damaging the passenger experience, and ultimately your service loyalty. Applying analytics for designing, controlling the process and optimising your transport operations ensures efficiency and effectiveness to fulfil passenger expectations and achieve operational excellence.

Advanced analytical reports can be deployed to improve operational productivity and efficiency as well as optimise your service workforce according to needs and passenger demand. Data analysis also ensures on going improvements as you are able to react to changes in the services required faster than those who have no knowledge of the environment they are operating in.

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Sounds complicated? It is, but we’ve made it easy for you so you don’t have to worry!  All you do is press a button and everything comes to life!  The screenshots above show the simplicity in how Road XS provides you your data in a user-friendly way.  All our reports are clear and easy to understand so you can operate fully informed.

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