Benefits of Software

Mar 13, 2018 | Insights

Organisational Benefits of Using Software

Organisations change over time, sometimes dramatically, and so do their software needs. If your current software is out-of-date or holding your business back, taking a look at what else is out there may just be the best decision you make.

Advantages of a New Software at Your Transport Services

Choosing the right software for your business can help you:

  • cut costs by automating routine tasks
  • improve efficiency of staff
  • increase or measure office productivity
  • streamline business operations and accounts
  • replace paper processes
  • communicate more effectively with customers, suppliers or partners
  • Enhance your data and transform decision-making
  • Optimise your fleet of vehicles and volunteer drivers
  • Ongoing updates (if supported)

Signs That You Would Benefit from New Software

It’s not always easy to determine if your current software needs replacing. You may benefit from a change if, for example, your existing software:

  • is frequently running slow
  • is prone to bugs which are not fixed quickly
  • fails often but also doesn’t improve over time
  • is unable to cope with the number of users
  • struggles with the volume of journeys
  • can’t provide the level of reporting you need
  • doesn’t meet the latest data security requirements
  • You don’t feel like you are being looked after
  • Training is too costly or over excessive
  • Support is not accessible easily
  • doesn’t meet your changing business needs

Upgrading or switching to new software can be a big step for many organisations.  To start off with, write down the objectives and potential benefits of what a new software would bring to your organisation. This will enable you to prioritise the list to work out the best returns on investment. It may help to talk to your staff, drivers and passengers to gather ideas for improving your organisations service. Choose software that will run on your current hardware, as long as this doesn’t reduce potential benefits. You should include any hardware upgrade costs in your budgets.  You should look into Software as a Service, such as Road XS, as this will ensure you get ongoing updates over time, and continuous improvement so you will keep operating smoothly into the future.  Road XS customers get the benefit of our Cloud Refresh programme to ensure your community transport services are constantly driving forwards and ready to meet your increased demand.  Take a look at some features of Road XS here.

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Plan for the future

Ideally, you should develop a long-term strategy, covering your future IT needs. This should take into account potential changes in customers, staffing levels and/or your increasing demand for services. You should also take into account whether the software can quickly scale up to support your community transport services.

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