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Jun 20, 2017 | Insights

Cloud technology is like marmite.  Some people love it, others hate it.  Well, at Road XS, we love it!  However, we are also conscious of it’s shortfalls.  Take a look at one of our other blog posts about the benefits of cloud software.  The main benefit of cloud is the ability to work better collaboratively, communicate more efficiently and all work from the same platform version with no downtime surrounding software updates.  We call our update programme Cloud Refresh.  Find out more about Cloud Refresh here.  We address two benefits in this post – 1, communicating better via out online email program which is now available to Road XS users and 2, the issue surrounding your data and your ability to export it.

1) Communicate Better with Our Email Platform

Keeping drivers informed of available journeys and getting their attention in an emergency is time consuming.  That’s why we developed the Road XS email marketing platform.  With this, you can send out branded mailshots to your drivers or passengers better informing them of your community transport services.  You can create your own lists and create an email easily with a clear to read design.  It takes only a matter of moments to write a mailshot and send it out to the required driver lists.  You can then also track which drivers or passengers opened the mailshot to get a deeper understanding of when they are able to read their emails.

2) Taking Control of Your Data

One thing which we often get asked is, how can I have an offline version of my data?  Well with Road XS you can keep an offline copy of your drivers and passenger details which means when the cloud (God forbid!), falls over you can still access your data and continue.  The benefits greatly outshine the downsides of cloud technology but we take the downsides seriously.  We take it so seriously, that backup mechanisms are built into the software to ensure that in the worst case scenario you are still able to operate off-line.  We see Road XS software as a data processor, making your life easier not harder.  We never own your data, it’s yours!

How to Avoid the Dangers of Driver Fatigue

With Road XS we are constantly striding forwards and one of our key aims is to bridge the gap between online and offline operations.  This is what makes Road XS so special compared to other providers.


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