How Transport Tracking Software Helps Your Transport Services

Sep 12, 2019 | Insights

If you run a transport service then transport tracking software can have a huge impact on the reliability and costs of operating those services. It’s important if you run a number of vehicles or use volunteer drivers that you know where they are so that you can allocate resources accordingly to passenger demand. Transport tracking software adds that extra dimension to your services ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicles and drivers at all times. It also ensures you don’t waste time booking vehicles or booking drivers who just aren’t available to handle the journey.

For anyone running or working in transport services, then a GPS tracking platform is a must. This enables real-time tracking which increase fleet efficiency. Without knowing where your vehicles are or the availability of drivers and staff in real-time you can’t meet the demands of your passengers in real-time, meaning you can’t efficiently deliver a streamlined transport service.

Transport tracking software and GPS tracking are core components of anyone looking at transport management systems. Ideally your solution would also be cloud software so that your team can operate from anywhere and in any conditions. For example, when snow falls it’s not always safe for staff to travel to the office nor necessary. However on such days it’s important to remain operational so you can handle cancellations and inform passengers in real-time what’s going on with their journey on that day and if they need to re-book. If you run minibuses and commercial vehicles you also need to fully understand your fleet maintenance status, especially in the winter months so you can plan ahead for any eventuality.

Why Use Transport Software Online?

The Hidden Benefits of Transport Tracking Software

Transport tracking software provides detailed real-time information about how your services are operating, not just on the road but also behind the scenes back in the office. The software provides on going real-time data throughout the day enabling you to operate your services and peak levels.

Fleet Management

This ensures that you have a real-time ‘conversation’ going on between the admin office and the team on the road. It means if they get lost or need to be re-routed the journey can be re-organised efficiently and smoothly and updates pushed out to the driver.

Staff Well-being

The fear of missing a task or journey on any day is enough to stress anyone out. Have you ever had that feeling that you forgot something on a particular day but just can’t remember what, then receive a call asking where are you? You can remove those fears with transport tracking software because everything gets tracked and nothing gets lost or missed.

Streamlined Workflows

Worried that your standards might not be met whilst you’re out of the office? Don’t worry, with pre-defined workflows and processes transport tracking software maintains standards through documented and tried and tested procedures so that everyone operates from the same page.

Reduced Workload

With streamlined workflows comes reduced workloads. The reason for this is that everyone follows the same procedures and nothing gets missed because it’s all part of the workflow. For example, on Road XS you can’t create a journey without filling in key information meaning no journey gets created incomplete.

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Increased Safety Standards

Knowing where your drivers and passengers are at all times increases safety standards instantly. This means that if they are involved in an accident you can find out their last known position and communicate directly with emergency services. Not only that, but if a driver gets lost you can easily direct them to their required location or just re-route them on a better road.

Financial Assessments

Transport tracking software takes out all the guess work surrounding finances. Within Road XS for example we will provide you with an estimated fare in advance based on the mileage of the entire journey and trip. This includes from the depot or drivers starting location. This means you don’t have to manually calculate each individual leg of the trip, it’s all done for you.

Enhanced Service Standards and Quality

Any transport services is all about delivery. Be it a passenger safely to their destination at the right time or dropping off a package to the right recipient. Transport tracking software ensures everything can be visualised and pre-determined in advance of the trip. It also enables you to respond to unforeseen circumstances in real-time too. Can you imagine trying to reorganise a trip from countless pieces of paper collected over numerous days. With transport software in place you’ll never have to spend time looking for the information that you need right now!

As you can see, adding tracking to your transport services has some major advantages. Of course, you might have passengers or drivers turn around and say they don’t like the idea of being tracked. It’s a natural response in relation to this sort of technology and use.

Secrets of Exceptional Bus Transport Software

Why not have a listen to our Podcast called ‘GPS Tracking Technology – the Pros and Cons’ which goes into some of the topics discussed in this article? One thing is for sure, route optimisation, fleet optimisation and pickup ordering are all intricate workflows that support one another and have a major impact on how you operate and deliver services to your passengers. Our main focus at Road XS is using GPS tracking to raise safety standards. We want everyone to travel safely and frequently across all transport means and to enjoy the journey to their events. Community transport has never been more important in ensuring communities are able to go about their daily lives no matter their age or requirement. Road XS is the leading community transport software and serves many commercial transport service providers in delivering safer, and more expansive services at less cost.

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