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Feb 27, 2019 | Insights

Unless your commute to work involves some breathtaking scenery, chances are your daily trip to work is not much fun!  You could of course lift share but most of us most likely nestle in and pop on our favourite radio show, playlist on Spotify or turn up the volume on our favourite podcast (the Road XS podcast right!?).

With increased traffic on our roads leading to increased congestion, many of us find ourselves going nowhere fast in the morning.  This increases our stress levels, reduces time with our family and generally sets us up for the day in a grumpy mood, dreading that tiresome journey back home after a long day!

Play the Lift Share Game

Here’s a little game for you, an ‘I spy’ if you like – tomorrow, on your morning commute count up how many drivers you see who are driving alone and heading in the same direction as you.  Go on … I dare you!  Let us know how many you count!  I bet it’s more, way more than you might think.  Now think about it once you’ve played Level 1.  Imagine, half those journeys are just not there.  Just imagine.  Level 2, involves counting how many times you stop for 10 seconds or more on your way to work (including traffic lights).  Now subtract the number of cars you counted previously travelling with just one driver  from any queue you join, and that’s how much faster you might just get to where you need to be.

I mean lets be honest, sitting in our own cosy car with time to ourselves and that sense of control is kind of nice.  But equally, so is having a warm friendly conversation with someone who might be travelling to the same work location as you or somewhere nearby.  But isn’t it more important that we could be potentially be spending this time alone in the car with our family?  See we think that’s do-able if we all work together and we end up with happier communities as a result!

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Benefits of Lift Share to Work

If you think about it, there are a load of reasons to lift share on the way to work!  I mean here’s just a few:

  1. You get to share the petrol fees saving you money in the process
  2. You get to share the driving (if you swapped driver each day)
  3. You get to have a friendly conversation on the way to work
  4. You save time because there are fewer cars on the road
  5. The roads become less congested
  6. You get less stressed as a result
  7. You get to spend more time with your family
  8. You spend less time sat in pollution and reduce your mileage
  9. You reduce your carbon footprint
  10. You arrive to work feeling better refreshed

I could go on but I won’t because you get the idea (why not send us your ideas too, and we’ll add them to the list!).  But despite these benefits of lift share to work we don’t do it, or at least perhaps not enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are potential issues over travelling and sharing a lift with someone for sure,  especially a stranger.  Questions would arise such as how good’s their driving?  What if you don’t like their music taste?  What if they show up late to pick you up (or not at all!).  It does come with its additional headaches.  But, at Road XS we’re starting to develop the capability to open up lift share services to those who sign up and wish to participate in the goal of reducing cars on our roads.  Even if we managed to remove 10 cars from the road, that’s still 10 fewer cars stuck in traffic!  We’re still working out the particulars surrounding safety and all this  so that for example when you share a lift with someone, do you ever ask them if they have their MOT?  We just take it at fave value!  But the majority of us would never put someone else at risk!  Road XS covers all of this off for you so you don’t attract any awkward conversations!

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People often say it’s just easier to get in my own car and drive.  But how many of us have driven out and about when the local schools are shut for the holidays?  Do you notice how much quieter the roads are then?  That’s the kind of effect we want to create all the time with the Road XS lift share technology.  We already do it for community transport providers, but why shouldn’t this work for people driving to work?  I mean, aren’t we all volunteer drivers?  If we drive ourselves we’re still going to get there at the same time and place even if we had to pick someone up along the way!

The benefits of this extend beyond work too, I mean here are some examples of how lift share works wonders when we play:

  1. Visiting the cinema
  2. Family outings
  3. Travelling to sport matches
  4. Taking a coach trip
  5. Attending events
  6. School trips
  7. Shopping
  8. Running errands

And more!  Can you imagine popping up an option to someone in your local area to say I am heading to the shops anyone fancy a lift?  You get to have a natter on the way too!  And when you’re done … say you’re looking for a lift home who’s at the shops and you get taken back and don’t have to wait for the local bus or train which you might have just missed.

Wouldn’t it feel good to know you saved some travel expenses, saved on the environmental aspect, had a laugh at the same time and still got to where you needed to be.  How many of us, have been to a sports event for example and once the event is over, find yourself sat in the car park for an hour and a bit whilst everyone tries to get out, all at once!  Low and behold you get back to your local pub and find half the pub were there at the same time!

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We’ve all become fully aware the impact plastic has had on our planet.  We’re also aware of the effects CO2 emissions are having on our planet too, and we think that lift share is the way to the future for transport.  I mean, yes autonomous vehicles may be on their way and battery operated cars are also a reality, but energy and emissions are still needed to charge the battery so the issue still remains prevalent even with ‘renewable’ energy sources.

What do you think?  Are you on board with this idea and help reduce transport levels and traffic jams in your area or equally do you actually quite like the time alone driving to collect your thoughts for the day on your morning commute?  Let us know we’d love to hear from you either way!  You can contact us here.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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