The Value of Public Transport Software

May 30, 2019 | Insights

Public transport software is a vital ingredient of managing transport services across the UK. This type of software can help reduce costs, increase service efficiency, provide real-time transport updates and and provide deep insights into how and where services are used across geographical and local areas.

The Demand for Public Transport Software

As demand for public transport increases across the UK, public transport software will become more and more important and play a greater role in how we move about in our daily lives. We have mentioned this often, but transport really is the invisible thread that ties us all together. We don’t really think about how we get somewhere, we’re so used to our daily commutes and patterns that we just fall into our own transport patterns. But I wonder, how often do you look out the window and think wow, yet more traffic jams! Yet more time spent in my vehicle or any vehicle where I am not actually moving anywhere.

We all live in a community, we all are part of something bigger. This means we all have a role to play in how our actions impact the local community. This includes our responsibility on how we use our cars and vehicles responsibly.

Lately, there has been a lot in the news about how diesel cars are more polluting than petrol cars. It’s interesting, because diesel cars were promoted as the more environmentally friendly option and were a major response by the EU to the Kyoto agreement back in 1997 to reduce greenhouse emissions. Diesel cars use less fuel and more air to get the same performance as a petrol car but the issue with disel vehicles we now know, has been around the levels of toxic fumes (such as nitric oxide) that diesel cars give off compared to petrol cars. We know now that long-term exposure to nitric oxide can significantly increase the risk of respiratory problems, and cancer, so these emissions have been regulated for some time as a result. In a petrol car these are cleaned up using a three-way catalytic converter and which results in 30% less output of nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere but in diesel cars this is much harder but the use of particulate filters does perform the same function.

Fuel Saving Tips to Reduce Your Transport Costs

For all the differences between petrol and diesel engines current emissions of new vehicles are relatively similar but there are many older cars and busses that are still on our roads which conform to earlier emission standards. However, if we all walk, cycle or reduce vehicles on our roads then emissions would drop much faster.

This is where we believe public transport software has a key role to play, and where Road XS plays it’s part in developing interconnected communities and sharing resources so we can all move easier no matter our age or mobility requirements. The reason for this is because the Road XS technology optimises routes, reducing mileage that vehicles travel and connecting passengers to existing routes through car sharing or dial a ride services that optimise the pickup order to keep the vehicle on an enhanced, environmentally friendly route.

Whilst the primary focus of Road XS is on community transport, notice how the first word is community. We didn’t start Road XS to solely focus on community transport providers, but we built the platform with the vision of expanding into the general community and connecting transport services together and providing a technology platform that can optimise and revolutionise community transport and public transport. Really, Road XS is growing into the ultimate public transport software because we are able to pull together all forms of local transport under one roof.

Creating the Ultimate Public Transport Software Platform

The core of Road XS is optimising and enhancing standard transport service processes and operations into a user friendly and ‘pretty’ interface which outputs real-time reporting so that you can continue to grow and sustain local transport servies.

What Has the Impact of COVID-19 had on Public Transport?

All Road XS does is take the passenger requirements and provide you the options on how to get the passenger where they need to be in the safest and quickest way possible. Not only that, we make it simple too with our beautifully designed interface which takes into account complex processes at just the click of a button.

So how does Road XS see itself as a public transport software? Well, Road XS is an integrated transport platform which is growing to support:

As you can see, public transport comes in all shapes and forms. We made it our mission to keep growing the Road XS transport software platform to meet not just the needs of transport providers, but the ever evolving needs of communuties and how they adapt to their transport needs throughout their life so that we can all live healther and more fulfilling lives whilst taking care of our planet at the same time.

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