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Feb 1, 2019 | Insights

Making things simple is the core development principle at Road XS. The irony however, is that transport and community transport is anything but simple! It’s like the old phrase, if it was simple everyone would be doing it!

Once you spend a day watching a transport operator run from paper or a spreadsheet you soon find out just how many steps and processes each passenger and transport manager or co-ordinator go through to ensure the passenger arrives safely and on time at their destination.

Simple Transport Software Design

So how do we define simple and what makes simple transport software? Well first and foremost the design. The design has to be easy on the eye and simple to follow. If the design looks simple and has logical flow then the transport software will be simple to use. Unbeknown to the user, if it looks simple it most likely isn’t. This is why we take our time introducing new features and make sure in the process that core software platform maintains it’s simplicity for the user. We have a philosophy that any user of any IT skill should be able to use Road XS.

Simplifying Your Tasks

A common feature in Road XS for example is one button doing multiple tasks at once. I mean literally, at the click of a button we will show you a list of your nearest available drivers so that you can save your passenger money right away! Why waste time looking up and calling drivers who are miles away from your passengers location? It doesn’t make sense. So one of our earliest challenges was breaking down how to make this happen in as few steps as possible. We nailed that down to just the press of a button. Not bad right?

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So although the above example may look like our transport software is really simple, it’s anything but! But that’s the fun of this game, and it is a game. It’s like taking a challenge and going how we can we make this better so you don’t have to worry? I mean, you wouldn’t want to go through 20 clicks when we can make it three or best of all one!

Speeding Up Your Workflow with Simple Transport Software

Of course simple, also means quick. In making simple transport software we are at the same time saving you effort and enabling you to scale up your services by completing the mundane tasks for you. Road XS comes pre-installed with loads of amazing features. For example we only require you to enter your driver data once. In doing so, and in capturing the correct information relating to your driver, Road XS will remind you of when the DBS records, insurance and MOT details need renewing. It’s just one job you no longer have to worry about. I mean can you imagine if one of your drivers was picking up your passengers without insurance? It’s not worth taking the risk, and Road XS takes that worry away from you.

Support On Hand

Another thing which makes simple transport software is the update and support principles. With our cloud refresh programme we ensure that you are always up to date and running from the latest software version. It saves you time and money as we don’t charge for future releases as this is all included.

Communicate with Ease and Control Your Data

We have also ensured getting support is really simple too. Sure we play with some technology to help get you to the support faster, but all our support is handled with our Road XS app meaning you don’t have to go far to get it! Better still, you can provide us instant feedback on areas we can improve to make your life even easier. For example, lately we have taken to webinars to explain the latest updates which have gone down really well! We learnt this based on feedback from our users and assessed the technology available so you can access us at your convenience.

Pricing That Works For Everyone

Pricing is also something which makes for simple transport software. From the start we wanted to make sure everyone knew what they would be paying for Road XS so we only charge for the number of passengers you carry. We also kept our pricing so simple that you can absorb this into your transport service fees. The thing here is it means you end up in some instances making four times as much as we do which is the whole point right? It means you keep your transport services self-sustainable which was one of our major goals of Road XS from the start.

Everyone has their methods for developing software and of course we like ours the best! But we’re always learning, always adapting and we’re never done. We’re always working hard to make your life as easy as possible and it all stems in our goal to build simple transport software.

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