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Sep 5, 2019 | Insights

Road XS provides the easiest online transport booking software experience. With its clear user interface and endless features, Road XS makes transport bookings a breeze. Not only that, you can also get detailed stats on how your transport services are performing and handle your online invoicing with full transparency with mileage and fares fully managed.

But why would you want an online transport booking software? The obvious answer would be because everyone else it. But actually, with careful consideration and not following everyone else, choosing the right online transport booking software will provide hidden benefits that don’t always present themselves until later. Let’s explain…

Often, people to come to use and inform us they are currently operating on paper or via spreadsheets. They inform us that this works well for them, and they are able to handle all the requirements of running the service and that they are fully secure and GDPR compliant. That may be so, but then we start to dig a little deeper. We find that:

  • They are manually generating their reports each month
  • Data doesn’t follow the data once principle and results in duplicate data
  • Drivers and vehicles are chosen on an ad-hoc basis
  • Fees are difficult to collect and a bit hap hazard
  • Resources are being under used such as vehicles left stationary for long periods of time

The moment they implement the Road XS online transport booking software they start seeing:

  • Journeys brought to life on maps and optimised routes
  • Passengers saving money by getting the nearest available drivers in real-time
  • Vehicles get appropriately allocated
  • Data is collected in real-time and generated into actionable reports
  • Security standards increase immediately
  • Your entire transport team becomes more focused and aligned
  • Life just gets easier
  • Tasks get handled for you, and so on…
Benefits of Analysing Your Data

Why Is Road XS Such an Effective Online Transport Booking Software?

There’s no definitive answer to that yet – or at least we haven’t a written down reason, but take a look at our case study on the Red Cross here and you will start to see the impact Road XS had in just a few months.

If you’re wondering why Road XS is being talked about and what it is that’s making people switch to Road XS over other competitor solutions you’d probably love to talk to us, so we can tell you how great Road XS is over the phone. No problem, feel free to contact us here! But we think one of the real reasons we’re different and are the easiest to use is because we are always evolving and meeting the needs of our clients. We capture and listen to their feature requests, and we learn how the industry and transport industry in general is moving forwards. This places our clients and users into a unique position of being able to grow from a platform that is always moving forwards.

The other difference with Road XS and other online transport booking software platforms is that the booking process is so well-defined, tried and tested that we are able to solve so much more than just the actual booking. We’re more than a transport booking software, we’re a complete, integrated transport platform with features including:

  • A driver portal
  • Passenger portal
  • Fleet management solution
  • Invoicing solution
  • Communications platform

and that’s just to name a few. Find out more features here.

How Transport Software Changes an Organisation

We approach the transport industry like the aviation industry ever striving to improve customer experience, raise safety standards further and ensure people get to where they need to be as easily as possible. We also work closely with all clients to collectively move forwards together and build the best transport solution available on the market not just for today, but for the future too! With Road XS you’re not just investing in your transport services today but for the journey ahead also! That’s why we believe we offer the most unique and exciting transport platform on the market.

Find out how you could benefit with Road XS at your organisation today! The leading community transport software.

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