Why Use Transport Software?

Mar 24, 2018 | Insights

Once an organisation makes the decision to use a blended transport software (fully integrated and blended into the organisation’s processes), they do so to increase the overall effectiveness of the business and services. A blended transport software also encourages the organisation to become completely financially transparent to track payments and save time generating invoices to the customers. Any organisation will always be striving to be more customer-service orientated, having a way to track appointments, local drivers, and journeys is a very valuable quality of transport software. Another benefit is being able to know the total cost that a passenger will be spending on the journey.

“Tailor the experience of your customer and your services…”

Every community transport service would benefit from transport software, especially one which is built for community transport providers, keeping all their processes in place. Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) will ensure the providers enjoy cost savings, the ability to scale up and receive on going support through updates and software improvements will assist them further to deliver the best service possible.  It also means everyone operates from the same page constantly and avoids blame and arguments – always good for a healthy working environment!

See ‘10 Indicators You Would Instantly Benefit from Road XS‘ and how your services can benefit from an agile SaaS transport software.

With transport software you will improve your customer service and be able to tailor the experience of your passengers and your transport services.  For example you will be able to customise the type of care provided on the journey to ensure their journey is as comfortable as possible.  When booking the journey for them, you will have all the key information you need at your fingertips and keep their information up to date in an instant.  This will ensure you provide a friendly service and prevent coming across as cold when your services are busy.  Transport software will keep you in control providing confidence to all who use your services.  Software such as Road XS will also keep you compliant with the new GDPR legislation.

Tackling Rural Isolation

With automated workflows, you will be able to instantly generate reports on finance, journeys, demand and more.  It saves you hours of generating key information which may have a direct impact on your funding and grants.  Not only that, you can provide information to your drivers and passengers about how often they are using your services.

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Never lose a journey.  Imagine, demand is up (See 3 Dangers Facing Community Transport), and there are journeys all over the place, can you imagine if you missed one or a driver didn’t show up with no explanation for someone who desperately needs a hospital appointment.  With transport software every journey should be fully tracked.  It means you will never miss a thing.

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