Keeping You Calm and in Control

Years ago we launched the Action Board on Road XS.  It was a major feature release and enabled your staff to act on all the key tasks and take notice of pending urgent matters.

One of the major benefits of Road XS is the lack of clutter from the lack of paperwork and multiple spreadsheets.  When you have to-do items constantly floating around in your head or you hear a ping or vibrate every few minutes from your phone, your brain doesn’t get a chance to fully enter creative flow or process the experiences and this increases stress in the body and the stress response.

When your brain has too much on its plate, it splits its power up. The result? We all become awful at:

  • filtering information
  • switching quickly between tasks
  • keeping a strong working memory

We kept this in mind when developing the Road XS Action Board to ensure you remain completely focused, calm and in control no matter your computer skill level or age.  It means you operate at your best and have a much improved working environment keeping you happy while you work.

Managing journeys and keeping on top of things is vital in running a smooth community transport service.  If you miss one appointment, you have one disgruntled passenger or driver which can quickly escalate.  That’s why we took the time to bring everything together and to develop the Action Board to never let this happen.

Never before has managing your transport services been this easy or fun…

The Road XS Action Board is a one-stop shop to keep on top of your urgent, pending calls and pending driver journeys.  It will alert you to anything urgent, and you can also look ahead at journeys coming up long into the future.  It brings calm and organisation to a hectic day.

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A Passenger Portal with a Difference

It doesn’t matter if you run car schemes or minibus schemes the action board works the same way for both.  This means there is no new training required and everything is brought together on the same page.  It really does keep things very simple and brings clarity to your busy schedules.  Never has managing your transport services been this easy or fun.

Our action board was an example of how our Cloud Refresh programme enables you to get better and better software from us.  At no extra cost to you, Road XS continues to adapt and evolve, so the more you use it, the better everything gets.

We are grateful to our community members for the continuous suggestions and feedback and we will continue to strive to give you the best system you could ask for.

Our mission is to provide you with the platform to grow and sustain your transport services in a manner which is stress-free and enjoyable.  Let’s work together and take community transport forward.  Feel free to contact us or request a demo and see how Road XS can work for you.


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Jan 28, 2024 | Learning