New Driver Portal Launching Soon

We are pleased to announce that very soon the new driver portal will be launching on Road XS!

Version 2 of the driver portal presents a cleaner, more user friendly design and a few more integrated features to provide your drivers key information when they need it.

The new portal integrates invoicing for driver fees and provides a break down of all the journeys handles by that driver that month, categorised by the passenger they carried.  For those who don’t use invoicing as they accept donations for example, or other forms of payment, this feature will not show for their drivers.  For those who do use it, it means everything becomes transparent and instead of you chasing fees per journey, you are only chasing one monthly invoice.  It also avoids confusion as the admin and the drivers all see the same invoicing information.  The Pay Tracker feature of Road XS also automates reminder emails and generation notifications (if enabled).  You can also take payments easily online with a payment handler setup such as PayPal.

The driver portal provides drivers all the information relating to their upcoming journeys and a history of the journeys they have completed.  The drivers can allocate themselves to a journey requiring a driver.  This saves admin staff time and resources and streamlines the driver allocation process.  If a passenger has decided they don’t want to use a particular driver (or vice versa), then these journeys wouldn’t show up in the driver portal for that driver to allocate themselves to.

Within the portal, the driver can manage their own availability which means the admin staff don’t need to keep calling drivers who just won’t be there.  The drivers can also maintain their vehicle and driver detail records.  It is important that records are kept up to date such as insurance details, driving license details and MOT details.  This all aids in the safety for the passenger and ensures your services don’t break the law.  The Road XS software will never show a driver who has records out of date – the driver just won’t show up for a journey until the updated details are provided or have not expired.

The driver portal is accessible from anywhere and ensures all driver keep fully informed.

Once the new driver’s portal is ready, the update will be released via our Cloud Refresh programme and will continue to evolve over time.

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