Passenger Software Is Your Key to Success

When you think about it, what do your transport services really do?  Who do they really serve?  It’s your passengers.  The passenger doesn’t care that a driver is ill, they don’t care that you’re a voluntary service.  Really, they just care about getting to their appointment, and they rely on you to deliver no matter how busy you are.

Road XS set out to bridge the gap between the provider, the drivers and the passengers.  The software however was built with the passenger in mind from the start.  We took the view that the passenger doesn’t care, that all they cared about was getting to their appointment on time.  So really, we didn’t build transport software, we built passenger software.

Passenger software means taking the view that nothing else matters other than the passenger.  If you think about it though, that’s what you’re doing.  You are serving the passenger day in, day out.  Without the passenger you would have no need for a transport service. 

In reality, no passenger is like this (or at least not many).  But if you look at your services with the view ‘the passenger doesn’t care’, then really it changes the game and the way you look at the community transport services you provide.  It means you must solve their problems of getting them to their appointment.  It means you must be “solutions focused”.  Don’t worry, we bet you already are!

We bet, that right now, you have more passengers than you do volunteer drivers.  This means you already have solved a problem of higher demand than you have resources available to serve your passengers.  In the ideal world, every passenger would have their own driver.  But that just doesn’t happen.  It means you are constantly balancing increased demand with limited resources.  This is where passenger software plays it’s role.

Passenger software allows you to collect passengers wants and needs and package those into a workflow that consistently delivers to meet whatever their requirements are.  The faster, better and more reliably you serve your passengers, the better your transport services will be.

Imagine a scenario where you have five journeys booked well in advance and everything is fine.  But then, you receive a call that one of your drivers is ill.  Suddenly, all hell breaks loose (if you don’t have passenger software in place).  If you’re using a paper-based system, you will suddenly need to find all the journeys that that driver was doing, no doubt make further notes on paper, and then go down your contact list of drivers and fill the gaps for each journey that that driver can’t do today.  The problem is, you only have two hours to do it in.  Oh, and you better let the passengers know too that there’s a driver change.  Stressful…very stressful.

It’s more than likely that in this scenario you would cancel the journeys and inform the passenger that you’re very sorry, but you’re not going to be able to take them to their appointment today because the driver is ill.

There’s just one problem with that.  The ‘passenger doesn’t care’.

You’re now left with a disgruntled passenger who may or may not use your services again as they feel you’re suddenly unreliable.  Just because you missed one journey.  But if you used carefully built passenger software for your transport services you could quickly react to any passenger needs, literally at the click of a button.

With a passenger software in place, you have all your passenger’s contact details to hand, along with all their personal needs.  All you would do within Road XS is mark the driver as unavilable, and then each journey which is happening today for that driver, shows up as an urgent task on the action board – meaning this is your first focus of priority for that day.  You can quickly find the nearest available driver for each journey or combine passengers into the same vehicle with the new driver, who might be going to the same location or at least nearby.  You can inform the passengers that there had been a few problems this morning, but not to worry that an alternative driver has been allocated and we will still get you to your appointment on time.

That’s how passenger software saves you time and worry and enables you to deliver no matter what the crisis.  Passenger software allows your to deliver a personalised service and offers comfort and support to your passengers as they know you have taken that extra step to deliver.

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