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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of frequently asked questions about Road XS

Is Pay As You Go really just 25p a passenger?

Yes. There is no up front fee, and all you pay for are the passengers you handle. So for example, if you handled 50 passengers this month it would cost you £12.50.

Why choose Road XS?

Experience the most user friendly, secure and feature rich transport management software for a fraction of what it would cost to develop yourself. Save time, increase capacity and transform your transport teams operations all within Road XS.

I am worried about how many passengers we handle and the subsequent cost of Road XS

Don't worry, we can find a model which works for you. If you handle more than 1750 passengers a month we recommend you get in touch so we can review whether or not a Fixed Price would benefit you more than the Pay As You Go plan.

We're here to help you get the best deal possible so you can use the best software.  Don't forget that our pricing model includes your cloud hosting and support there are no additional fees or license fees.

Can you build custom reports?

Yes. If you have a specific report you require we can build these for you. If the custom report doesn’t benefit everyone then we charge for this. For example, you may wish to have a report which only covers a specific postcode range which would only benefit your reporting / funding requirements.

Can I access Road XS remotely?

Yes. Once you are setup you can access your Road XS system securely from anywhere – unless you request that we lock it down to specific geographic locations.

Do you offer custom development?

Yes. We can customise Road XS to suit your particular needs even on the Pay as You Go model.

What do you mean by 'Return Journey Included'?

Many software venders class a return journey (there and back again) as two legs and class each leg as a journey. We class both legs of a return journey as one journey, charging only 25p on the Pay As You Go model (it’s inclusive in the Fixed Price plan).

One-way journeys (a single in or a single out/back) are charged at 25p.

A double journey (there and back, there and back), often used with hospital trips is classed as two journeys (other software vendors charge this as four legs).

Can I integrate my transport services with others?

Yes. We have developed Road XS in such a way that you can allocate different admins to handle specific transport service areas, whilst you retain an overall view of all your services combined.

For example, you could operate your bookings and telephone calls from Oxford, but be co-ordinating a service in Devon.

Equally, you might merge with another transport provider in the same county, but still continue as if you were your own transport provider, you just have a bigger pool of drivers to choose form and deliver a much more cost effective and streamlined service to your passengers.

This means that you can expand and merge with ease and without distruption. All you have to do is route your telephone lines to your new location and you’re off and running. You can even operate from one central office without being in that location too!

That’s how powerful Road XS is.

How many users can use Road XS?

As many as you like, including drivers.  We don't charge per user so you can add as many admins as you need to ensure your transport services run smoothly.

Can you import our data?

Yes. If you decided to move to Road XS we can import your passenger and driver data into the system which saves you having to manually enter it all. You can also add passengers as you go and update the details on the fly.

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