10 Indicators You Would Instantly Benefit Using Road XS

Mar 23, 2018 | Product

1) You currently operate from paper or spreadsheets

It works, and you know your system. The problem is, what if you lose a bit of paper or someone deletes the wrong cell of data? It also puts you at risk regarding how secure your data is relating to passengers and you will find it almost impossible to meet the GDPR requirements. Maintaining information and address data is also tiring and time consuming.

2) You aren’t sure who or who hasn’t paid

Invoicing takes you a while and you have to keep checking other software to see if passengers or drivers have paid their fees. You find yourself taking a lot of time chasing fees or not knowing if your services are sustainable or not. Generating an invoice is difficult because you have to manually count journeys and there are just so many to count you sometimes make mistakes.

3) You have to manually create all your reports each month

In order to keep your funders and backers happy you have to continuously create manual reports which take hours and even then you’re not sure if they are right. You also don’t have much available information relating to your services and how they are used.

4) You are unable to adapt quickly

Circumstances change, journeys get cancelled, appointments alter, vehicles break down. You should be able to update a journey and all future journeys within 30 seconds or less.

5) You have no real-time daily schedule nor driver availability

You currently have no real-time reactive schedule based on what’s happening in your day and don’t know the availability of your drivers in an instant.

Why Use Road XS?

6) You can’t maintain your data easily

If a passenger or driver changes their details you can’t instantly update their details. This means your storage of data is out of date or updating their address takes too long.

7) You have no mileage calculators

If you don’t have a continuous mileage count you can’t instantly see how many miles your passengers and drivers have travelled with you. It also means you can’t inform your volunteer driver’s how many miles they have travelled which could lead to issued with HMRC’s allowed mileage and payments allowances.

8) You feel stressed and out of control

Do you feel like you’re not in control sometimes with what’s happening? This can often happen if you’re running from paper and there is just paper everywhere or you operate from multiple offices and no key workflows are in place or processes.

9) You have to find your drivers manually

You spend a lot of the time on the phone finding drivers that are already on a journey or who can’t take the journey required. You wish this process could be much faster so you could focus on more important tasks. You also find you don’t have an audit trail of which driver’s have been contacted already which wastes their time and yours.

10) You can’t pick up where someone left off

If someone is off you can’t pickup where that staff member left off. You have no access to admin notes nor any information which is personal to particular passengers needs and they are not there to ask. You also can’t see the most important task you need to perform on a particular day to ensure your passengers can get to their required destinations on time.

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