10 Practical Uses of Road XS

Nov 14, 2017 | Product

You Can Operate from Anywhere

Because Road XS is based securely in the cloud, it means that you can operate your services from anywhere.  In theory this means you can redirect your phone calls and still operate from an office even in a different county.  There are no boundaries when using Road XS.

You Can Grow or Merge Your Services

Road XS offers you a unique opportunity to be able to grow and enhance your service areas.  There is no additional cost to this.  It means if you merge or expand Road XS is right there with you.

Real-Time Route Planning

Bring your journeys to life with the build in route-planner!  You can even add passengers and remove passengers and still receive accurate pick-up times and journey estimate cost and distances.  Road XS ensures you’re not left in the dark nor your passengers.

Expand the Borders

With Road XS, your driver pool is not necessarily limited to the area or county you operate from.  Because all reporting works from the service area, you can use drivers from anywhere in the vicinity and still get your required reporting.  This saves the passenger and driver money and ensures you run a streamlined service.

Live Departure Boards

Know exactly what is going on any day of the week with the real-time departure boards built into Road XS.  You can see exactly what is going on whenever you want.  No longer do you need to feel out of control.

Detailed Journey and Service Data

With Road XS you get real-time up to date reporting.  This means you know exactly what is happening with your community transport services, anytime.  This helps achieve any required funding because anyone on Road XS is generating the most accurate data for the sector.

Go Paperless with Road XS

Maintain and Sustain Your Transport Services

The pricing model for Road XS makes the technology and software platform available to all transport providers, no matter how large or small your operations are.  This means you can build it into your pricing mechanisms which means you have no large outgoings.  You can cover your costs.

The Complete Journey Model

A journey in Road XS is there and back (unless it’s a single journey).  We do not charge per leg but per passenger, and that’s for the whole journey.  This means unlike other software providers, you are saving even further money.

Know What the Important Tasks Are

With the Road XS action board, you know what the next important tasks are to complete.  Road XS brings it all together and keeps things so simple.

The Driver Portal

Save time with the driver’s portal!  Included as part of the software, your drivers can be kept informed in real-time of all the journeys they have been allocated to.  They can even allocate themselves and find the closest journeys to their location.

If you would like to see the benefit of Road XS introduced into your organisation then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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