15 Signs You Need Road XS Community Transport Software

May 5, 2018 | Product

1) You currently operate from paper or spreadsheets…

This is not necessarily a problem.  It works, and you know your system.  The problem is, what if you lose a bit of paper or someone deletes the wrong cell of data?  It also puts you at risk regarding how secure your data is relating to passengers and meeting the GDPR requirements.  You also need to write every piece of information down and manually create all your reports.  It’s really time consuming and your hand starts to hurt!  With Road XS, all the manual work you perform is done for you so all you have to focus on are taking calls, booking them into the system and allocating the nearest driver to save the passenger money.

2) You aren’t sure which drivers have paid admin fees or not …

Do you find yourself constantly wondering which drivers have paid this month and which haven’t?  In Road XS we have pre-build processes to ensure you can stay on top of your fees and finances.  Road XS can also automatically generate invoices for your passengers, drivers and clients so you don’t have to!

3) You have to manually create all your reports each month

Do you have to manually count all the journey totals each month, and then double check and triple check your figures?  How much time does this take and how accurate do you think it is?  With Road XS this is done for you, in seconds.  You can even build custom reports around the data stored so you can create unique views on your journeys.

Transport Software in the Cloud: Work from Anywhere

4) You don’t have any estimated mileage and costs…

Do you know immediately how long or how much a journey is going to cost for a passenger?  Road XS provides you with estimates mileage, costs and pick-up times, in real-time.  This means you can accurately inform your passengers about what time they will be picked up and arrive at their destination.

5) It takes more than 10 seconds for you to create an up to date report

Road XS comes pre-installed with all your key reports.  This means that all you need to do is bring up the report you require and all the data is there for you.  You can even set up key personnel so that they can see the reports without needing to pester you.  It’s truly a time saver!  It also reduced stress levels too.  For example, if you need to know why and how many journeys have been cancelled this month, you just load the cancellation report and it provides you with all the reasons.

6) You have no real-time daily schedule…

Do you know what journeys are going out today, at what time and picked up by who?  Do you know this if 3 of your journeys have just been cancelled?  Road XS comes setup with real-time departure boards, so just like being at the airport or train station you know what’s happening today with your schedules.

7) You have no visual map of the route…

Though this is not essential , the real-time mapping engine brings your journeys to life.  When you add stop points or waypoints to your route, you also see in real-time what impact this has on the journey and the passengers involved.

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8) You have to endlessly keep re-entering passenger details…

Either writing manually, or re-entering passenger and driver details to create a journey is really annoying.  You can prevent this with Road XS as it enables you to select passengers in the system immediately, with all required contact information and pick up points.  You can also keep all your records easily up to date too.  You can also use our post code lookup feature to save you entering in their whole address!

9) You operate from different offices and have to drive over to see what’s happening….

With Road XS you can setup offices and service areas so that you can allocate users to perform their required jobs on various sites.  It means you also keep your reporting separate so you can look at it as a whole or individual offices.  It’s never been easier to expand your services than with Road XS.

10) You feel stressed and on edge…

Do you feel like you’re not in control sometimes with what’s happening?  This can often happen if you’re running from paper and there is just paper everywhere.  With Road XS we reduce the panic feelings as you can see everything visually, and clearly and can bring up information with ease.  You don’t have to move anywhere.

11) Driver’s aren’t being used effectively

Do you feel that your drivers could be used better and that in using the closest driver to a passenger you would save them money?  We can show you a list of your closest drivers to a passenger and you can then select them accordingly.  It will also tell you whether they have already been called so that you don’t pester unavailable drivers.

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12) It takes more than 1-3 minutes to create a journey

Do you find yourself takes ages to enter or create a journey for booking?  Well, with Road XS, the point and click interface means that you can have people booked and into your system in no time!  In most times in under a minute!  This is because all the vital data is already stored in the system for re-use.

13) You have no audit trails or history

Could you bring up a history of journeys for a passenger or driver in a moment?  If not then Road XS is the answer.  With clear profiles and history along with journey audits, Road XS becomes your best friend.  You look super organised with Road XS and also fully up to date – a data protection act requirement!

14) You feel like you are operating at full capacity and know it could be better…

Do you have increased demand for your services and yet no way of expanding?  Well, Road XS will save you time and effort which means you can use your staff more efficiently in the process.  This means you can save costs and expand without even needing new offices.

15) You’re sure there must be a better way…

There is …. the driver portal for example in Road XS can save you a lot of admin work, is it lists to the drivers the closest journeys to them.  They can then allocate themselves and you get to confirm or reject the journey for them.  This one aspect saves time.  The real time reporting capability shows you just how valuable your services are and is a real motivator.  The time saving features of Road XS make it feel all worthwhile.  We know you would love working with Road XS.  It’s been built for people like you.  It’s not a bolt-on system, it works the way you do in the best most user-friendly environement available.  Road XS is just full of features you’ll love.

Road XS Driver Portal App Now Available

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