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Mar 2, 2018 | Product

Managing your fees is a headache, but crucial to your community transport service success to ensure you maintain a sustainable future.  This means one of the key requirements is collecting your fees as well as managing and tracking payments for invoices generated.  You can focus your attention on more important tasks, and in an instant see where your finances are at for your services.

We have now transformed the way this can be handled with the invoicing upgrade on Road XS so much so you’ll be flying along!  Road XS can now save you hours of time with some of these new features we highlight here in the invoicing upgrade:

Driver Admin Fees Collection

Road XS can now generate you a monthly invoice which shows total admin fees owed per driver and, if you include it in the settings, the total mileage covered for the journeys.  The monthly invoice generated shows just the total fee due, meaning all you have to do is chase one invoice, not hundreds of journeys from the driver, which streamlines your communications.  The automated invoice comes with a breakdown report, which means you can see the passenger names and view all the details of the journeys that driver has done for each passenger.  This means that you can be completely transparent.  You can also edit the invoice if it has included journeys which had a different fee or were not charged for.  You can also quickly open the journey to cover any queries.

Passenger Invoices

Road XS will now cater for passenger invoices too.  So if you want, you can now use it to invoice passenger each month rather than charge them per journey allowing them to sit back and relax and not worry about having fees at the ready.  It also provides a break down of each of the journey and the driver who handled it.  You can also quickly open the journey to cover any queries.

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Client Fees

You can automatically generate a monthly invoice for your clients too.  For example, you might provide medical journeys for a client.  Road XS will now automatically generate a monthly invoice which includes all mileage fees and admin fees, including the break downs and group them by the driver so it’s all completely seamless.  The client can also view reports and see what is happening as you are performing the services.

Ad-Hoc Invoices

Within Road XS you can also create an ad-hoc invoice for a client.  So imagine you are on the phone with them or provided an alternative service, you can quickly create an invoice and send it them.

If you would like to see how this all works and find out just how easy Road XS can make your life then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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