Is Road XS Better than Uber?

Jan 26, 2024 | Product

We often get asked if Road XS is just another Uber app.  But the truth is, it’s not.  Is it better than Uber?  Maybe, but that’s because we’re different. If you don’t know what Uber is or have never heard of it, Uber is a ride-hailing service like Lyft.  Both Uber and Lyft are large companies which have floated on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Demand for transport is high! But interestingly, a lot of people say to us isn’t Road XS just Uber? The answer is no, and here’s why.

Road XS is a transport software and a community transport platform combined.

We don’t just pick up and drop off singular people on journeys. We do this with our DRT software which is where we are most similar to Uber, but we’re also about the bigger picture, about keeping communities moving.

We ensure that anyone with any requirement and mobility can attend their medical appointments and social events (and a lot more) by equipping transport service providers with the best software possible. It’s our job to ensure we connect passengers with the nearest available driver (which is where the similarities end with Uber) but to also provide real-time data on how the services are being utilised and delivering features to better communicate within the transport team, whether teams operate in the same room or from a wider area.

If anything, Road XS is more precise.

For car share models, services such as Uber just need to know a street where someone would be picked up from. Road XS needs to know the exact location, such as obscure locations including hospital entrances, rural roads and remote locations. This is because unlike services such as Uber, not everyone who uses community transport can easily walk to a pickup point. This is where Road XS is better, you can inform your drivers the exact point to pick someone up.

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The interesting thing about Road XS is that our founder had never used Uber nor looked at their apps or how they operated before the core of Road XS was developed. Our view was that for our product to be unique, it needed to be built for transport service providers, not modelled on existing thoughts and processes from the commercial world. That’s what makes Road XS unique. It is built for transport providers and adapts to their ongoing needs and requirements over time.

Another challenge we had at Road XS was that not all users are ‘tech-savvy’. Sure, some drivers and admins can open an app and operate a computer in their sleep, but some of the volunteers might be in their 80s and have never used a computer before. We’re pleased to say that even these types of users we have had using Road XS because we’ve kept things easy, and simple to use. It’s just click and go!

How Does Road XS Differ to Uber?

The most similar thing about Road XS to Uber is the passenger and driver portal.  The passenger portal enables passengers to book journeys or navigate them to where they need to be on their pickup for a DRT service.  The driver portal enables drivers to integrate Road XS into their lives and to select which journeys they wish to do, then on the day of the journey, it will navigate them to their stops.

However, this is where the similarities end.

We Find the Nearest Available Driver to Meet the Requirements

Unlike Uber, which is just matching drivers to passengers and that’s it, Road XS also takes into account the type of vehicle required to deliver the journey and the mileage the driver is willing to travel. It also considers the local area, legal requirements and passenger requirements right down to their mobility needs and appropriate vehicle. It is much more than a simple driver lookup based on location alone.

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We Handle More Variables

Road XS is much more than a simple car-share platform. The software handles many more variables relating to passenger requirements. This matching, whilst complex, is one of the easier functions. Road XS goes deeper to get to know the passenger requirements so you can provide the best service possible to your passengers and a personalised way.

Road XS is More Accurate

With Road XS you can pinpoint any location. Car share schemes often just provide the street location and a driver will pick you up from there. With Road XS you get the precise co-ordinates of the pickup location. This is vital to know the pickup location based on mobility requirements.

Integrated Services in One Platform

Road XS is much more than a car-share platform. It is an integrated transport software which accommodates a whole magnitude of features including fleet management, communications, route planning, invoicing and more. It will handle cars, minibuses, coaches and any vehicle type added. Road XS is built to handle more and to serve communities today and in the future.

Automation of Tasks

Road XS is built to take away some of your most mundane tasks enabling you to grow your services. We take away a lot of the leg work so you can focus on marketing your services, growing your team and increasing your driver pool. The technology underpinning Road XS is always being optimised to make better use of your existing resources so you can go further.

We’re There to Help

We’re here to help you become sustainable so that your services can continue long into the future. With uncertainty over the future of funding, we have gone about working with providers to ensure their services can remain sustainable no matter where the current climate takes them. Working together as one we can better serve transport communities all over the country. Everybody wins with this unique approach.

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We’re Simply Different

Our outcomes and goals are very different to those of Uber. We’re focused on keeping communities moving no matter your requirements in a safe and friendly environment. We want all passengers who operate from providers using Road XS to be safe and secure whilst travelling. This means making sure all documents are kept accurate and that all the appropriate background checks have been done so that those who fall short on record keeping don’t show up for drives.

We enable transport providers to grow whether they’re just starting out or have been running for years. Our pricing makes Road XS approachable to any transport service provider who is looking to gain control, and detailed insights and wants to be the best that they can be.

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