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Jun 19, 2019 | Product

Car transport software enables you to be lazy! Look, we’re all human. This probably means we all want an easy life. If you’re a community transport operator or transport manager, you know the two words ‘easy life’ just aren’t in your vocabulary. The work of a transport manager is often overlooked because people forget that you’re actually a transport manager. It’s because you wear so many hats and are likely in and out of the office either growing your services or dealing with the latest emergency. It’s chaos.

That’s why you need some chaos control, and that’s where car transport software comes in. If you are a normal community transport service, you will be reliant on a team of volunteer drivers and if you’re lucky some professional drivers too. Given the nature of community transport software, you will be handling on a day to day basis anywhere between twenty and two hundred calls along with countless emails and questions from all angles. You need somewhere for it to all sit. That place is car transport software or, in other words Road XS.

Is Road XS Really Car Transport Software?

Since it’s inception Road XS has been build around cars and was really a car transport software at it’s early beginnings. This is because one of the first features to launch was the driver lookup capability, to link the nearest available driver to the passenger, saving them mileage and fees. We also learnt early on that we needed to manage all of the records associated with the vehicle and the driver and our MOT lookup feature is a much loved capability, meaning you keep all your records in one place.

Without the car, the passengers go nowhere. This means the vehicle itself is a fundamental backbone of the service you provide. Therefore, it’s important to present the right driver, with the right vehicle with ease and instantaneously. We know you don’t want to be running around going this way and that just to cover a journey, and that’s why we provide the list for you with an automated audit of who contacted who. It means you can come back into the office and pickup where you left off and see how your services have progressed through the day.

We want you to be lazy. No one likes being stressed and Road XS is developed to take that stress and strain away from the transport manager. We think the lazier you are the better Road XS is working for you as we automate tasks to free up your time so you can remain calm.

One of the most stressful moments in a month is the handling of driver fees, and Road XS handles this with automated invoicing and payment tracking. This leaves you chasing fees per month, not journeys per month and provides complete transparency. We streamline the messiness around transport services so you can be lazy sometimes, kick back and relax. The lazier you are, the better! Leave the stress to us to make your life easier with better car transport software.

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