Driver Suggestions Earn You Time

Mar 26, 2018 | Product

When creating any community transport journey there is a lot of admin work involved.  You need to capture all the passenger information, understand the passenger’s unique needs and requirements, know where they are wanting to go and for what appointment time.  You then also need to find an available volunteer driver who is willing to get them there on time with a reasonable pickup time.

This is where Road XS comes into its own.  Not only does Road XS handle the passenger requirements process with ease, but once a journey has been created on the software, you will be presented with suggested closest drivers, based on their availability.  This means at your fingertips you know the drivers who are available and those in the local vicinity in order to be able to handle the journey requested.

Never lose a vital piece of paper again.

Another feature included within driver allocation, is how Road XS handles the driver call log history.  You can see which drivers have been called and either didn’t pick up, refused the journey for each individual journey (and more options).  This means that if one admin staff had no luck finding a driver on one day, another admin member can pick up where they left off on Tuesday knowing completely who has been previously called.

The whole purpose of efficient software and IT systems is the ability to do more with less.  Road XS is the real deal when it comes to managing community transport services.  It packs so many previously manual processes into a couple of simple clicks.  It really does save you a lot of time and enables you to operate with the highest levels of efficiency.

Keeping You Calm and in Control

Never again will you lose a piece of vital paper, or forget when a passenger’s appointment time was.  Nor do you need to calculate the passenger admin fees – it’s all done for you.

If you attract more volunteer drivers (see our free guide here) to your organisation, all you need to do is add them straight into the software and it will automatically work out where they live and which journeys pending a driver are already closest to them.  It’s another example of how Road XS handles data once and processes it for you enabling you to work with confidence.

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