The Road XS Driver Portal

Oct 25, 2017 | Product

One of the lesser talked about features of Road XS is the Driver Portal.  The driver portal enables any volunteer driver to:

1. Login from anywhere securely
2. See their up-coming journeys in real-time
3. Update their claim forms
4. See their pick-up times
5. Up to date traffic details on the journey map
6. Update their availability easily
7. Update their contact, vehicle and passwords easily

The driver portal also helps reduce some of the admin work that the staff have to complete in the office and saves them having to chase payments.  It also reduces the amount of travelling to and from the local transport office for the driver.

The driver portal encompasses all the latest up to date information and only displays this to the driver who has logged in.  Road XS completely takes paper out of the equation which helps achieve greater accuracy and strealined workflows all round.  The user interface is so easy to use that any driver who knows how to surf the Internet will be able to use it.  in the past you would need to keep printing out the driver schedule, but now you just have to let the driver know how to login and they can keep up to date in real-time.  This saves on paper costs and data loss.  It also reduces the number of phonecalls requesting journey updates.

The driver portal comes free of charge with Road XS which means from the moment you sign up you will be able to use it with your voluteer drivers.  Within the admin area under the driver profile page you can easily allocate username and passwords as the username defaults to the drivers email address.  We have also included a password generator to save you having to think up your own passwords for them.

What is a Run Sheet?

Overall the Driver Portal is great step forwards in streamlining and improving efficiency and communication with community transport management.  It also ensures that all your driver data remains up to date which is a requirement under the data protection act.  Of course, the data is also kept fully secure.

For more information regarding Road XS please contact us.

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